Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Physics/ Chemistry/ Math/ Biology

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12th

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most prominent school board educations all over the India. The benchmark set by this education system is acceptable for pursuing almost every course in India as well as abroad. For the students of science stream with the combination of PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), it is very important for them to get sufficient grades. As the board also conducts other important exams such as JEE and NEET (AIPMT).

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How To Crack JEE || NEET Preparation Tips

Besides this, for securing a seat these marks also play a considerable role. This article will help to all of the students to know How To Prepare for CBSE Board Exam Class 12 who will be giving their exams this year.

1. Know Marks Division

The total marks for every subject is 100. It is further divided into 70/30 for theory and practical. It is very easy for every student to score good in practical and thereby securing no less than 25 marks.

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2. Get Hurdles Out

While studying in school it is very difficult for very students to manage multiple tasks at a time. On the same hand students also take coaching whereupon, it has different assignment. Time management can save you from this problem. Finishing off the practical assignments as soon as they are assigned is the best CBSE Board Preparation Tips as you can rest of your time for studying theory.

3. Give Presentations

Above all the only 12th CBSE Board Preparation Tips that can provide you extra marks in the examination is your presentation. Try to be more presentable in your answer by including more and more charts, diagrams and cycles. This way even if you are not able to include more theory, your probability to get more marks increases.

4. Know the weight age of the Topics

Though every year the marks for each of the topics may vary slightly, preparing in a strategic manner can save your time.





5. Follow Increasing Order

Most of the students do the mistake of leaving the easy topics for last time. This is the wrong way to complete your syllabus. The CBSE Board Exam Tips and Tricks is that the students must follow a systematic approach for scoring high. The brushed up basics will help you to correlate their sequences in complicated topics.

6. Practice

The subjects such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry mostly include solving abilities. If your question is How to Score Good Marks in Class 12th Science? Make a habit of solving at least 5-6 questions daily from each subject without any failure. If a single question is wrong practice it until you find the right way to solve it.

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7. Understand Twists

More often the CBSE board questions are directly picked up from the core NCERT books. However, the way of asking the question is modified. One of the Preparation Tips for CBSE Board Exams is that try read the textbook thoroughly by trying variations in questions.

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