CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2025 (When It Will Be Declared) Exam From March- April

CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2025 Class 12 Exam Date 2025 PDF Download: This time most faq is when will cbse class 12 board exam start 2025? Definitely, you will get a CBSE date sheet related solution here, please read the complete article.

Latest Update: The CBSE Board For The Academic Year 2024-25 Might Conduct Exams In February & March.

CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2025 (Expected)

Expected time table according to the previous year

Date (Expected)

Subject Name (Subject Code)

15th February 2025

Entrepreneurship (066 )

16th February 2025

Biotechnology (045 )

Engineering Graphics (046 )

Shorthand (English) ( 825)

Shorthand (Hindi) (826 )

Electronics Technology (820 )

Food Nutrition & Dietetics (834 )

Library & Information Science (836 )

17th February 2025

Kathak – Dance (056 )

Kuchipudi -Dance (058 )

Odissi -Dance ( 059)

Bharatanatyam -Dance  (057 )

Manipuri -Dance ( 060)

Kathakali -Dance (061 )

Banking -Dance (811 )

Horticulture -Dance ( 816)

20th February 2025

Hindi Elective (002 )

Hindi Core (302 )

21st February 2025

Food Production ( 809)

Design (830 )

Data Science ( 844)

Office Procedure And Practices (824 )

22nd February 2025

Early Childhood Care & Education (842 )

Artificial Intelligence ( 843)

23rd February 2025

Automotive ( 804)

Healthcare ( 813)

Hindustani Music Mel Ins ( 035)

Hindustani Music PER INS ( 036)

Cost Accounting (823 )

24th February 2025

English Elective (001 )

English Core ( 301)

25th February 2025

Beauty & Wellness ( 807)

Marketing ( 812)

Russian (121 )

27th February 2025

Retail ( 801)

Agriculture ( 808)

Multimedia (812 )

28th February 2025

Chemistry ( 043)

1st March 2025

Bengali ( 105)

Financial Markets Management (805 )

Textile Design ( 829)

Typography & Computer Application ( 817)

Medical diagnostics (828 )

2nd March 2025

Geography (029 )

3rd March 2025

Yoga (841 )

4th March 2025

Hindustani Music Vocal ( 034)

6th March 2025

Physics (042 )

9th March 2025

Legal Studies (074 )

10th March 2025

Telugu ( 107)

Sindhi ( 108)

Punjabi (104 )

Tamil (106 )

Marathi (109 )

Gujarati (110 )

Manipuri (111 )

Malayalam ( 112)

Odia (113 )

Arabic ( 116)

Tibetan ( 117)

French (118 )

Assamese (114 )

Kannada (115 )

German (120 )

Persian ( 123)

Nepali (124 )

Limbo ( 125)

Bodo ( 192)

Tangkhul ( 193)

Japanese (194 )

Bhutia ( 195)

Spanish (196 )

Kashmiri ( 197)

Mizo ( 198)

Sanskrit Core (322 )

Lepcha (126 )

Telugu Telangana (189 )

11th March 2025

Mathematics ( 041)

Applied Mathematics (241 )

13th March 2025

Physical Education ( 048)

14th March 2025

Fashion Studies (837 )

16th March 2025

Biology (044 )

17th March 2025

Economics ( 030)

18th March 2025

Painting (049 )

Sculpture ( 051)

Applied Art (Commercial Art) (052 )

Graphics ( 050)

20th March 2025

Political Science ( 028)

21st March 2025

NCC (076 )

Information technology ( 802)

22nd March 2025

Tourism ( 806)

Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration (827 )

Salesmanship (831 )

23rd March 2025

Information Practices ( 065)

Computer Science ( 083)

25th March 2025

Business Studies ( 054)

Business Administration ( 833)

27th March 2025

Urdu Elective ( 003)

Carnatic Music Vocal ( 031)

Carnatic Music Mel INS (032 )

Carnatic Music Per INS Mridangam (033 )

Knowledge Tradition & Practices of India (073 )

Sanskrit Elective (022 )

Urdu Core ( 303)

Front Office Operations (810 )

Geospatial Technology ( 818)

Electrical Technology (819 )

Taxation ( 822)

Mass Media Studies ( 835)

Insurance (814 )

28th March 2025

Web Application ( )

29th March 2025

History ( 027)

31st March 2025

Accountancy ( 055)

1st April 2025

Home Science (064 )

3rd April 2025

Sociology ( 039)

5th April 2025

Psychology (037 )

CBSE 12th Practical Exam Dates 2025CBSE 12th Practical Dates 2025

Click Here to download CBSE 12th Class Feb/ March 2025 examination date sheet.

CBSE Board has changed 12th Class English Pattern, before board exams, what are new changes that you need to know.. is discussed below.

The CBSE has made some core changes in the question papers for the English core papers. This different approach has been taken by the CBSE after the feedback from some influential people that of the Committee of Courses and other subject experts related to the CBSE. So here are key points of the CBSE English Revised Exam Pattern:-

  • Now only 2 passages will be in section A.
  • There will be 5 MCQ.
  • 9 very short answer type questions.
  • 3 short answer type questions from passage one.
  • 2 long answer type questions related to passage two.
  • The total number of questions will be 19 in section A. (Rather than 24 previously).
  • The total number of questions is also reduced to 35. ( 40 previously)

Board Exams Preparation Tips !!

The student needs to change their preparation patterns also. As for now, the paper pattern has also changed. So in the below section of this article, we have shared some tips to help the students for their preparations. Other details on CBSE Date Sheet are provided here.

In their new sessions and will be pursuing a path that would lead them into their bright futures. Only on the condition that they work hard otherwise, the students are themselves know what will happen.

The board released the official date sheet for the last session (2019-20) in the month of January. Last year (2020) 12th class Exams for the class 12th were in March and the CBSE Date Sheet was changed once in the last year. Before this, the exams were ending in the month of March.

CBSE 12th Board Preparation Tips

CBSE Board exams are all set to begin, Students are at their pace regarding the exam preparation. And to help these students in this regard here we are sharing some of the handy CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2025 which will be helpful for the students throughout the examination session.

  • Stick to the prescribed syllabus

Most of the students find difficulty in getting the exact syllabus. For this, you can take the help of your teachers or you can also download the same from the official website.

  • Make a study schedule

Making a study schedule will help you in organizing the study schedule of all the subjects. For better outputs, subjects, which are tough for you, give them more hours as compared to easy ones.

  • Make brief notes

Having brief notes of important Formulae, derivations and important key points will help you have a strong grip on the syllabus.

  • Eat brain food

Eating nutritious food keeps you fresh and energetic throughout the examination session and will also increase your brain power and working efficiency.

  • Take breaks

During examinations, students just stick to the book, and they think that taking small breaks in between is a wastage of time. But the mind also needs a break, to work at its best. Therefore the best suggestion is that taking small snaps in between will increase your memorizing power.

  • Practice Previous year papers

Last and most important tip, do practice from previous year papers as much as you can. Since this will help you in assessing your exam preparation level.

CBSE Board Exam General Instructions 

All that you have studied and learned comes to a test finally. Same is the case with the examinations as this tests that what you have learned the whole year. And frankly, this cannot be avoided as you have to face it head-on. The students may also make sure that they follow these instructions that are given on the front page of the question paper. Some of these instructions are:-

  • Reach Early

Reach at least 30 minutes before the exam time it will reduce the exam pressure.

Read the Whole Paper

Read all the questions carefully so that is is easy to make the outline of what and how to answer.

  • Attempt Smart

Choose wisely to attempt the easy questions first or the difficult ones.

  • Use Rulers

Use rulers to make the diagrams as this will make your answer sheet look clean and tidy.

  • Be More Representative

Try to be more representative for answering the big questions.

  • Think Before You Write

Think the outline of the answer before starting to write as this will increase your speed.

  • Use Watch

Keep track of the time to optimize the speed in the exams.

  • Make Rough Columns

Make the rough columns on the same page on the right side as it will save your time to turn pages.

CBSE 12th Class Date Sheet 2025 – Download

Around 11,86,306 students had appeared for 12th examinations out of which 6,71,103 were females and 9,67,325 were male candidates. And 4510 were differently abled candidates.

The students must keep in mind that the CBSE 12th Time Table will be prepared on the basis of the student strength that appears in the exams in 2025. For CBSE 12th Routine 2025 the board has a pattern for the class 12th as the board starts exams from elective subjects and ends it with a noncore subject like physical education (based upon the previous year’s Date sheet).

modi tips for board examscbse board exam instructions

12th Class Board Syllabus !! 12th Board Exam Time Table 2025- Pdf 

For the convenience of the students of CBSE, we advise them to follow these steps in order to download the CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2025

  • Visit the official site –
  • Find the appropriate icon for the CBSE 12th Time Table 2025.
  • Click on the icon.
  • The document will be opened on the screen.
  • Make sure to download the document for future use.

Download CBSE Board 12th Class Date Sheet: Click Here 

CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2025

CBSE 12th Exam Date 2025

The dates of the class 12th exam can be predicted based upon the timetable of 2025 but the students must note that the dates that we provide may change as per the circumstances in the year 2025. On the respective date the genuine CBSE Intermediate Scheme 2025.

12th Class Question Papers!!

What After Getting CBSE 12th Exam Schedule 2025?

Admit card is one of the most important documents of the exam that the students will be facing in the months of March and April 2025.

The students need to visit the official site of the CBSE to stay the most updated regarding the official announcements regarding the CBSE 12th Admit Card 2025. The students can also contact the school authorities for the same purpose.

As per the past record, the official admit card is expected to be released by the officials at least 25 days before the official date of starting of the examination.

Remark: We wish the students best of luck for the session And hope they will visit again for more information on CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2025.


  1. When will declare CBSE 12th date sheet 2025

Ans: It will declare in the month of January 2025.

cbse format for disabled candidates

CBSE Board 12th Class Theory & Practical Time Table 2025 FAQ

When CBSE Board 12th Exam Will Start?

It will be started in the month of February.

When CBSE Board 12th Time Table 2025 Is Released?

It will be released by next month.

How To Download CBSE 12th Class Date sheet 2025?

The authorities will release the time table on the official website and for students, we will update the same here.

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