Courses After 12th Commerce | Best Streams in India With High Salary

Career After 12th commerce: When students enter in class 10th it is very criticalfor them to choose the right stream. But the same dilemma arises after 12th as well. Whether it is Science, Arts or Commerce each and every field it very deep in itself with its proficiency.

Commerce is one of the branches which are interlinked to all other streams and system. It plays a vital role in business, finance, banking, technological, education, economic and possibly every other firm. Hence choosing the Right Courses After 12th Commerce is also a difficult task.

Courses After 12th Commerce, carrer option after 12th Commerce

Here are a few Career Options After 12th Commerce to brief you about the possible courses after you have completed your schooling in commerce stream. The courses listed here are for under graduates seeking job oriented courses.

1. Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelors of Commerce gives an overview of business which includes buying and selling of products or services, understanding of various fundamentals and principles of accounts, economic and financial sectors. An individual can get fair job ranging from 2-5 lakhs per annum.

2. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

The course of Chartered Accountancy enables an individual to get core knowledge of financial management and he is responsible for financial audits. CA After 12th Commerce offers wide scope. The job opportunity for the profile can range from 4-6 lakhs per annum.

3. Company Secretary

The CS course is next to CA preferred by most of the students from commerce field. The person is trained in this course for handling all the function of a company secretary. One can find a fair payment of up to 5 lakhs per annum after this.

4. Bachelors of Business of Administration

The Bachelors of Business of Administration course prepares an individual to work in any of the business firm dealing with finance and other management activities. The graduate from this course can find a fair job up to 5 lakhs per annum. Hence it offers the Best Career After 12th Commerce 

5. Bachelors of Commerce in Accounting and Finance

It stands for Bachelors of Commerce in Accounting and Finance. BBA After 12th Commerce Stream trains the individual for management and tasks of dealing with accounting and finance management. The course assures a fair job of up to 4-5lakhs per annum.

6. Bachelors of Management Studies

This is a full-time course in Bachelors of Management Studies preferred for obtaining knowledge and skills related to business and leadership in various organizations. Ranging on abilities one can get a pay grade up to 4lakhs per annum.

7. B.ScIT

For individuals who had IP as their subject can find BSC IT After 12th Commerce as interesting. It stands for bachelors of Information Science. It covers a few curriculums similar to BE. However, the payment after this course can range from 2-4lakhs depending on firm and skills.

8. Bachelors of Financial Markets

The Bachelors of Financial Markets is a course covering aspects of debt, market equity, funds, investment, and security market. It gives an opportunity to individuals for getting jobs in an operational environment of finance and it allied markets. A fair job can range from 2-5lakhs.

9. Bachelors of Business Studies

The Bachelors of Business Studies touches the segments of business mathematics, corporate social responsibility, and human resource management. The job opportunity can range from 2-4lakhs per annum.

10. Bachelors in Banking Insurance

It is a degree for Bachelors in Banking Insurance. It focuses on financial accounting, banking, and corporate laws, audit, and costing. It is among the Top Courses After 12th Commerce. Individuals can seek MBA for better opportunities. Initially one can get jobs for 4lakhs per annum.



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