Courses After 12th Arts | Best Career Options | Job Oriented Courses

Courses After 12th Arts | Best Career Options | Job Oriented Courses: Students who opt for Arts or Humanities as their subjects are often considered poor in studies. Well, no subject can actually measure intelligence. Arts, as the name suggest, is a creative subject which offers ample options. And above all the courses and opportunities that offer in this field asks work and creativity rather than marks.

However, there are lots of Best Courses After 12th Arts and it is likely for most of the students to get confused about the courses and their job prospects.

Lack of knowledge regardless of any stream can lead to poor options and no secure future.Hence, this article will help you clear your doubts and help you to know the Job Oriented Courses For Arts Students After 12th and accordingly make the right choice as well.

1. Bachelor of Science

The B.Sc. degree for Arts students can be in streams like management, animation, etc. Talking about the jobs in these fields is highly demanding in every sector and every place. However, the pay scale and promotions may vary depending upon the skills of the individual.

2. Bachelors of Fine Arts

This is the best course for all those students with creative minds and using hand tools finely. The degree of BFA i.e. Bachelors of Fine Arts is one of the Job Oriented Course For Arts Students which enables an individual to get apprentice under renowned artists or become one of them. It is 4years course with the curriculum designed majorly on practical tasks.

3. Fashion Technology

The bachelors completed in Fashion Technology awards the title of Fashion Designer. Apart from textile designing it also has vast scope in jewellery designing, shoe designing and innovation of innovative products through blending. It is among the top Professional Courses After 12th Arts. The pay scale in this field solely depends on the individual’s skills and may rise as high as they want.

4. Bachelor of Legislative Law

The degree of Bachelors of Legislative Law is one of the most important courses. It provides opportunities to individuals to serve in government as well as private sectors. One can become a judge to a legal consultant based on his knowledge. It assures highly paid jobs with reputed positions.

Courses After 12th Arts

5. Bachelors of Event Management

It is the degree name for Bachelors of Event Management. These days the event management has become one of the mushrooming sectors. The event management enables an individual to work in coordination, manage and handle event crisis. The career opportunity scale in this field is usually very high and one can earn upon his skills in each event.

6. Bachelors in Social Works

The BSW stands for Bachelors in Social Works. This course has evolved in recent years. Within this program, an individual can learn the essentials components and how to initiate an effort for the social works. This degree facilitates certification to work as reputed social worker and he/she is eligible to run NGO.

7. Bachelors of Hospitality Management and Catering Services

This the degree name for the course of Bachelors of Hospitality Management and Catering Services. The course not only emphasizes on cooking skills but also handling the front desk, learning the culinary art and maintaining hygienic conditions are also taught. The course opens a gateway with varied options and can become part of famous hospitality chains. It promises promotions and good payment for efforts.

Hence you can see here the Top Courses For Arts Students and accordingly build your career in the right path


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