Top Engineering Courses After 10th & 12th Class

Top Engineering Courses After 10th & 12th Class: Engineering is the field with varied scopes in it. It is a field for developers and creators to bring out new and unique things. It is filled with various professional courses that are job oriented. There are various Engineering Courses After 10th as well as 12th standard.

Top Engineering Courses After 10th & 12th Class

Best Top Engineering Courses After 10th & 12th Class

Here is a list of all possible courses of Engineering After 12th as well as the 10th class through best engineering entrance exams for the candidates looking engineering as their career.

Engineering Courses After 10th

Most of the students seeking to be an engineer tend to get confused in the hope of choosing the best course. The gateway to enter the engineering field opens as soon as one passed their secondary education. It is not necessary for the individual to study the combination of PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). Diploma Engineering After 10th is one of the back doors for entering the engineering field. They are considered equivalent to higher secondary education. For all those students who wish to start their early career, here is a guide for following the right path.

  1. Diploma in Civil Engineering

It is one of the core branches of engineering. Diploma in Civil Engineering After 10th is a 3 years course which offers a brief about structural, environmental, town planning, construction, material, water resource and sanitary engineering. A few of the colleges also offer their Diploma + B. Tech in civil engineering program which is an additional benefit for better job options.

  1. Diploma In Electrical Engineering

This is also 3 years long diploma program which concentrates on the study of electronics, electromagnetism, and its applications. The course also has various other sub fields and several institutes offer personalized diploma for those as well.

  1. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

This course lays emphasis on giving information about industrial, automobile, power, production, electrical engineering a bit. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering After 10th provides an overview of engineering physics, thermodynamics, manufacturing, material science, etc. Individuals can also enroll themselves in institutes providing B. Tech in the same field.

  1. Diploma in Computer Engineering

For the aspirants of computer sciences and its relative fields, this 3-year course offers better opportunities. The program overviews about computer applications, programming, web designing, operating systems, and data structure and computer languages.

  1. ITI courses

Other than specialized diploma programs there are various ITI Diploma Courses After 10th offered by the Polytechnic institutions. A few of them are instrument mechanic, electrical maintenance, architectural draughtsman ship, metrology and engineering inspection, network technician, etc.These diploma courses also facilitate lateral entry in the full-time engineering courses.

The eligibility to apply in all these diploma courses is minimum 45-50% marks with at least 50% in Science and Maths.

Top Engineering Courses After 12th Class

Other than typical few mainstream engineering courses, now the scope has broadened with many options. There are various Engineering Courses After 12th for different branches. The listing mentioned here will provide you information about all different possibilities offered by the program

  1. EC (Electrical Engineering)

The 4 years curriculum of electrical engineering focuses on electricity in terms of its production, transmission, management and developing new outcomes.

  1. Mechanical Engineering

The course of Mechanical Engineering After 12th enables the individual to get details about machines, their parts, and its manufacturing. The robotics has also evolved in this field with the combination of electrical engineering known as Mechatronics Engineering.

  1. Civil Engineering

The focus is on the in-depth study of land surveys, structure and construction. The subject of architectural studies is an advantage for the students to cope with the requirements. The duration of the course is 4 years.

  1. Computer Engineering-

In this field individuals interested in programming and software development can find bright future. Engineering Courses After 12th Computer Science lays emphasis on all possible domains related to the networking, system functioning and programming of the computer.

  1. Production Engineering-

The production engineering is also a 4-year course. In this duration, the individual can learn various possible aspects of production units such as machines, chemicals, mechanics, graphics, and various other physics related studies.

  1. Food Processing Engineering

The food processing engineering offers in depth study of the food production and processing units while also looking after new technologies for the betterment of food supply.

  1. Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering After 12th is related to the aviation field for their designing, maintenance, and new concepts.

  1. Biomedical Engineering

This field focuses on the new perspective evolved by the combination of engineering and medical sciences.

  1. Automobile Engineering

The automobile engineering is a field with greater scope for its innovation combined with technology. Automobile Engineering After 12 provides a curriculum which offers deep study for vehicle designing, their parts, and physics involved in them.

  1. Petroleum Engineering

This course involves the study technology in refining the sustainable energy resources and its by products.

  1. Mining Engineering-

This field looks after the various possible options to improve the mining sector while preserving the naturally found elements.

  1. Marine Engineering-

This course offers scope in the various possibilities of marine technology, machines, and equipment required in a ship.

Apart from these other least known engineering courses are:

  • Biomedical
  • Biotechnology
  • Textile
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Material
  • Sound
  • Genetics
  • Environmental
  • Agricultural
  • Power
  • Dairy technology
  • Motorsport
  • Metallurgy
  • Instrumentation
  • Control Engineering.

The eligibility to apply for all these courses is 60% marks in the respective fields.

Hence while going through the various phases, we can now say that there are various Engineering Career After 12th as well as 10th class. Thus it is very important to choose the right one to build a successful career.


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