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Preparation Tips for ICSE Board Exams: It is not easy to prepare for the big exam of your school life. It is rough to enter a phase where everyone clocks your study hours and suggests lots of study material mug up. Where the first day is considered as the exam day and subsequently the countdown to board exam begins. This experience can be chilling, especially for those facing it for the first time.

So, the aspirants can check the ICSE Preparation Tips before starting their studies. Here we are talking about all those students who are promoted to their board classes and expectations from them are raised. The ICSE, Indian Certificate for Secondary Education is considered a hard nut to crack because the students want to know How to Score High In ICSE.

ICSE 10th Time Table || ICSE 12th Time Table

Through this article, we are aiming to deliver very effective Preparation Tips for ICSE board exam tips for the students of the 10th and 12th class.

Preparation Tips for 10th/ 12th Class of ICSE Board

ICSE Board Exam Tips

1. Pick Motivation

“My aim is to top”, it can be a goal but not a motivation. For most of the students who are looking to know How to Score Well in ICSE Boards, they need to know their motivation. It can be in a form of healthy competition from your friends or siblings. Why you want to work hard take you to how you can work hard.

Set your goals and chase them; it is the key to do well.

2. Buckle Up Tight

There can be any of the subject or the topic for all of the students which they are not good at. In the boards’ exam, these are the things you need to overcome. Pick up your weakness and push it out of limits can help you give an overall good score. Plough your weakness through the syllabus and invest time every day.

3. Be Your Own clock

For the board class students, it is advisable to run the day their own way. It is not necessary to imitate others. Make your study plans, set time and execute them; all in a way you are comfortable at. Morning, late night, day studies or all three timings consecutively following Tips for ICSE Board Exam can help you study with more focus and concentration.

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4. Follow Long-Term Learning Strategy

Mugging up things is an easy way but it works for one time only. Once you forget a single word whole line vanishes from your memory. Use the strategy of mind mapping process and learning formulas through flash cards. For full forms, tables, and other long complicated topics, you can use mnemonics. These are the ICSE 10th Board Tips to ensure long-term learning.

5. Use Technology

Take the optimum use of various tools which are specially developed for exam preparation. The students doing study at home and want to learn tricks on How to score more than 90 in ICSE learning for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other subjects can be done through various subjects available on the internet. Taking aids gives you extra practice which can be very useful for the students who are pursuing self-studies.

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