Best Courses After 12th Science Maths (PCM) | Job Oriented Popular Career Options

Courses After 12th Math: We hope that you are looking for the Best Career Options After 12th Science? Then complete information is available here. Math is one of the subjects which require a lot of effort to find and prove the answer. It is a subject which is engaging and interesting if one is able to solve it and equally vice verse if not understandable. If you have good math it is more likely for you to be logical and perform better quizzes, solving puzzles and other games.

It is important to know that with higher studies more reasoning is required. But if one is deeply interested in math they can have a good as well as a satisfying career in ahead.

Best Courses After 12th Maths (PCM) | Job Oriented popular Courses for Science Students

In a nutshell, if you are good you can dwell better opportunities towards you. But, all it requires is choosing the right course for graduation.


Best Courses After 12th Maths, Career Options for 12th Science

Here we have listed all Best UG Courses After 12th for your related to the mathematics and its allied subjects.

1. Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech)

This is the common name of the degree awarded after pursuing Bachelors in Technology. It can be in any of the fields such as:

  • Electrical
  • Computer science
  • Civil, mechanics
  • Chemical
  • Electronics
  • Petroleum
  • Automobile
  • Electronics and Telecommunication
  • Aeronautical
  • Aerospace
  • Biotechnology
  • Plastics
  • Genetic
  • Agricultural technology
  • Power
  • Plastic
  • Production
  • Environmental
  • Mining

Usually, all of these courses are for four years. The remuneration is generally high for skilled individuals ranging from 3-7 lakhs per annum, i.e it is known as Job Oriented Courses For 12th Science Maths students.

2. Bachelors of Science (B.Sc)

The candidates can also pursue their degree for Bachelors of Science in various fields based on their interest. Other than the core subjects; aviation, biotechnology, electronics, animation, IT and nautical science are few of the professional courses with better opportunities. The remuneration for these posts can range from 4-5lakhs per annum.

3. National Defence Academy (NDA)

The scope of NDA is very vast in it and well paid. The science students can prepare for the entrance examination of this academy and they can find bright future in it as well related to their engineering. Other than this one can also look for armed services which offer reputed positions to candidates of engineering field with handsome remuneration. The salary may range from 5-7 lakhs per annum.

4. Bachelors of Architecture

The Bachelors of Architecture is quite similar to civil engineering. However, the course varies as it deals with the branches of planning and construction of buildings and other utility structures. It is a 5years course after which candidates can get jobs that are well paid and reputed.

5. Aviation Courses

The aviation course is way more different than studying any of the aircraft sciences. It requires the study of geography, electrical math and understanding of other aids to become a pilot. These jobs are well paid and one can become a trainer as well after retirement.

6. Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture

This course is a gateway to enter the best opportunity for engineers. One can get enrolment in naval service which is the most honored profile of central government services with attractive payments. Even the private naval sector is well rewarding with great career prospects.

7. Bachelors of Computer Applications

This course stands for Bachelors of Computer Applications and similar to other courses it is of 3 years. It is also one of the Best Course After 12th PCM. The course focuses on computers, software, applications, programming and languages. It is quite similar to CS engineering.

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