Best Courses After 12th | Top Career Options | Job Oriented Streams

Courses After 12th Class: Are you thinking that What After 12th? Ok, then read the complete post. Subject selection is a very critical step these days. After 10th the subject that you choose paves your path of the career. However, we often witness the people getting off track and changing their streams. The major reason is not knowing the interest, taking decisions under pressure or by peer influence.

Don’t panic if you have chosen a different field and wish to pursue a different career. The career options are always based on the spontaneity. Moreover, it is never too late to switch lanes till the time you are in school.

Best Courses After 12th | Career Options & Job Oriented Streams

Here you can find a list of the possible Career Options After 12th according to your chosen subject streams.

Courses After 12th Science Math (PCM)

1. Computer Science and Engineering

Students pursuing computer science and engineering can learn theory and practical elements of computer programming, management of information and the design of computational systems. The course has two levels comprising of B.Tech. for undergraduates and M.Tech. for post graduates. The scope of this field is all reliable as technology development and its lucrative opportunities, so it can Best Job Oriented Course After 12th Science. The IT hubs such as Silicon Valley invite CSE experts from across the globe.

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2. Biotechnology

It is the best stream for individuals with math and biology both. The student pursuing this course will study a curriculum combining engineering, chemistry, genetics, microbiology and bio-chemistry. From research, finding the cure of diseases for humans, plants and all other living species to eco-conservation it’s all the responsibility of these biotechnological engineers.

3. Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering is not confined up to the electrical appliances only rather it has its some contribution is every field. The individuals studying this course learn about circuits, Thermo dynamics, transmission and distribution. The scope in this field ranges from chief engineers to project heads and consultant.

4. Aeronautical Engineering

The syllabus of this course comprises of studying all the minute to major components of the aircraft. The scope of this field is varied as a design engineer, researcher, test and maintenance of all aircraft The aircraft specially designed for wars also have the contribution of the aeronautical engineers. So we can say it is Best Courses After 12th PCM.

5. Mechanical Engineering

As a mechanical engineer can perform in varied roles such as automotive engineer, biomedical engineer, the nuclear engineer, robotic engineer and HVAC engineer. The course offers a detailed study of system and product designing, manufacturing and development.

6. Electronics and Communication

The electrical engineers have a scope of getting the job in every sector dealing with electricity and electric machinery. The course broadly studies engineering mathematics communication skills, engineering graphics, engineering sciences with computer programming and utilization.

7. Civil Engineering

The civil engineers have scope to work with any private and government sector as well dealing with town, city, society or water storage planning and its construction. The course covers several topics for minute study of involved engineering in construction.

Courses After 12th Science Biology (PCB)


The candidates looking forward to becoming a general doctor has can look out for this course. The course involves in a general study of every body part, its functionality, issues and their treatments. Nowadays students choose it as Career Path After 12th.

2. BDS

This stream is for all candidates budding their future in dentistry. The same field can be further studied for MDS and PG courses.

3. Bachelor in Old Sciences

Apart from the allopath treatments the candidates can also gain their doctorate degree with BAMS (Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), BUMS (Bachelors of Unani Medicine and Surgery), BHMS (Bachelors of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery). These fields have a great scope in the government institutions.

4. B Pharma

This course facilitates all those individuals who are looking to work in the drugs and medicine field. One can work in drug companies or even become a chemist.

  1. Physiotherapy- This course enables the individuals to work as a reputed physiotherapist for treating recoveries of patients.
  2. B. Sc. Nursing- This course enables the individuals to work as reputed nurse and helping assistants of doctors for giving preliminary treatments.
  3. Other than these major courses there are several other job oriented professional courses in fields such as lab technician, occupational therapy, radiology, paramedical courses and OT.

Courses After 12th Commerce

The commerce stream students can great build their career in financial and its allied sectors based on their interest in different subjects.

1. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

The chartered accountancy has its scope on each and every business institution whether government or private. They look after the institution’s finance its reports and manage its flow.

2. Company Secretary

This stands for Company Secretary. As a CS you are responsible for looking all the legal and financial work.

3. Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)

The study of bachelors of business administration enables the individuals to work as executives in corporate sectors. However, with MBA scope can be further diversified.

4. Cost and Work Accountant (CWA)

This course for Cost and Work Accountant open ups scope for candidates to work for glaring profiles such as finance manager, chief executive, general director and managing director based on skills.

5. Bachelors of Business Management (BBM)

Bachelors of Business management enables individuals to work as from Banks to MNCs with really good profiles such as business consultant, research and development managers.

6. Bachelors of Commerce

The Bachelors of Commerce course provides an entry level in the corporate sector with accountant post. After this, the scope can be diversified with additional qualifications such as MBA.

Courses After 12th Arts

The non-professional subjects have the widest range of scope to go further.

1. LLB

LLB is the best course for those looking forward into legal services. The career is not confined up to judge or advocate. One can also work as legal advisors in this field.

2. Psychologist

Those who hold an interest in consultation can make this subject as their mainstream career. This provides great opportunity to work in both private as well government institution in every sector.

3. Fashion Technology

The designing field is on its boom with never ending opportunities. This course facilitates you to own your business to be a designer of celebrities. The Stylist is also an emerging filed related to this sector with the fancy pay scale.

4. Hotel Management

Hospitality management right from front desk receptionist to the chef in the kitchen is a field with career opportunities in every place.

5. Mass communication and Journalism

The course popularity is at its peak due to its wide career options available such as journalist, photographer, movie maker, graphic designer, advertiser, event management and much more. You can read here about:

Courses After 12th Arts

Courses After 12th Commerce

Courses After 12th Science

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