Hindi Olympiad 2022: Exam Dates, Registration & Eligibility, Syllabus, Sample Papers, Study Material, Results & Awards

Hindi Olympiad 2022: Exam Dates, Registration & Eligibility, Syllabus, Sample Papers, Study Material, Results & Awards: The International Hindi Olympiad is also known as Hindi Olympiad (हिंदी ओलंपियाड). Hindi Olympiad Foundation is an educational organization based in India which organizes the International Hindi Olympiad (abbreviated as “IHO”). The aim of the Hindi Olympiad Foundation (abbreviated as “HOF”) is to promote the growth of the Hindi language at the International level.

Latest Update: International Hindi Olympiad 2022 registration are open now. Register early to take part in Daily quizzes, Mock tests, etc.

Hindi Olympiad Foundation promotes education, digital literacy, intellectual potential and develops a competitive spirit among children. Hindi Olympiad Foundation aims at helping students to broaden their academic horizons beyond school books and prepare them to excel in today’s highly competitive environment.

  • Eligibility Criteria & Benefits
  • Important Dates 2022 (Expected)
  • International Hindi Olympiad 2022- Registration Methods/How to register??
  • IHO Syllabus & Sample Papers 2022
  • IHO Results & Awards
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Eligibility Criteria & Benefits

The eligibility criteria & benefits of IHO 2022 is as follows:

  • Only students studying in Classes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th are eligible for this Olympiad.
  • Students from around the World can participate in this Olympiad.
  • All the students will get access to Syllabus, Sample Papers, E-Booklet, Daily Quizzes, Mock Tests, International Hindi Olympiad 2022, etc.
  • Mock Tests will be held in August/September/October.
  • Daily Quiz will be available for every registered student. Daily Quiz is a short quiz of 15 questions. Students attempting more quizzes everyday with consistency will earn more points and will be featured on the public Leaderboard.

Hindi Olympiad Foundation also organizes regular quizzes on Telegram. You can join the telegram group and attempt quizzes for free. This feature is available for everyone. The links for Telegram groups are available on Hindi Olympiad Foundation’s Website (https://hofglobal.org) & below in this article.

International Hindi Olympiad 2022 – Registration Methods

1. Via our website:-

Click on the following link to register for the International Hindi Olympiad 2022.

Registration Link (For students studying in India) https://hofglobal.org/vidyarthi-panjikaran
Registration Link (For students studying outside India) https://www.hofglobal.org/vidyarthi-panjikaran-for-schools-outside-india
Student Brochure – Visit Website
School Brochure –  Contact us at info@hindiolympiadfoundation.com, +91 8860552255

Student Brochure – Click here

2. Via School:-

If you are in school and want to enroll your students in “International Hindi Olympiad 2022” or want to know more about it, then kindly contact us (email, call, WhatsApp) at info@hindiolympiadfoundation.com, +91 8860552255, +91 8860557755.
You can also request our Brochure via email, WhatsApp, etc or view/download the Brochure using the given link.

School Brochure – Click here

Note: Students enrolling through Schools will have to give Olympiad in their respective Schools (offline) while students enrolling through our website will have to give Olympiad on our website (online).

Important Dates 2022 (Expected)

The students are informed that the dates as per the official information are:-

Event Dates (Expected)
Registration Open
Registration Link (For students studying in India) https://www.hofglobal.org/index.php?/vidyarthi-panjikaran
Registration Link (For students studying outside India) https://www.hofglobal.org/vidyarthi-panjikaran-for-schools-outside-india
International Hindi Olympiad Latest Updates Latest Updates – International Hindi Olympiad 2022
Last Date of Application Submission 10 November, 2022
Olympiad Date (Offline) The date for the Olympiad in offline mode will be notified to Students by their respective Schools.
Olympiad Date 1 (Online) 22-23 September, 2022
Olympiad Date 2 (Online) 28-29 October, 2022
Olympiad Date 3 (Online) 25-26 November, 2022
Level 2 Olympiad Date Will be notified to selected students later
Result Will be announced in January/February 2023
Official Site hofglobal.org

Hindi Olympiad Syllabus & Sample Papers 2022

The sample papers for International Hindi Olympiad (IHO) has been published by the authority on their official website. Students willing to solve the Sample Papers can find the links in the article ahead. The main motive of providing the Syllabus & Sample Papers is to get an estimation of the level of this scholarship exam. We recommend that at least one sample paper must be solved by the appearing student for his respective class. The links for the sample papers for IHO 2022 can be found along with the syllabus in the table below.

Name Classes Sample Paper & Syllabus Link
Syllabus 1-10 https://www.hofglobal.org/syllabus
Sample Papers 1-10 https://www.hofglobal.org/sample-papers

International Hindi Olympiad Results 2022

The result of the International Hindi Olympiad will be published in the month of January/February 2023 at Hindi Olympiad Foundation’s website. The prizes will be dispatched after the declaration of Result. Top rank holders will be invited to a special Award Ceremony where they will be given awards by our guests (can be top Army officials, Ministers, CBSE officials, IAS/IPS Officers, Social Workers, etc). You can also check the Winners/Top Rankers online by following the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of the exam at www.hofglobal.org.
  • Click on “परिणाम” link on the page.
  • In “परिणाम”, click on 2022.
  • In 2022, a drop-down list of International Rankings, North India Rankings, West India Rankings,
  • East India Rankings, South India Rankings, Outside India Rankings will open.
  • Click on any Rankings to get the 2022 top rankers.

Students will also get results on their registered Email Address.


1. Students of each class getting first position at the international level in the Hindi Olympiad will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 5,100, Certificate & Trophy.

2. Students of each class who gets second position at the international level in Hindi Olympiad will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 3,100, Certificate & Trophy.

3. Students of each class who gets third position at the international level in Hindi Olympiad will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 2,100, Certificate & Trophy.

4. Students receiving first, second, third position in regional rankings will be awarded with Certificate of Regional Toppers, Medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) & gifts.

5. In the Olympiad, top students in every class will be awarded with Certificates of Merit.

Important Notes:

  • School toppers will also be awarded with Certificates and Gold, Silver & Bronze medals respectively.
  • Certificates will be provided to all the participants in the examination.

Contact Details

For more information about International Hindi Olympiad or in case of any Query, kindly contact us via:
Email – info@hindiolympiadfoundation.com
Call/WhatsApp – +91 8860557755, 8860552255
Support Form – https://hofglobal.org/contact-us

Blog & Other Services

Hindi Olympiad Foundation also offers a blog service where the articles about Freedom Fighters, Notable Personalities, Biographies. etc. are published.

Visit the blog by clicking on the following link – www.hindiolympiad.org

Telegram Links:

Official Site: International Hindi Olympiad | Hindi Olympiad Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Olympiad?

Olympiads are a kind of competitive exam, held across schools, to tap exceptional students with the best of potential, talent, and aptitude. Olympiads are exams that are conducted throughout the world that lets students compete with other students on a similar education level. For e.g. International Hindi Olympiad, which is organized by Hindi Olympiad Foundation.

Is there any Hindi Olympiad?

Yes, there is a Hindi Olympiad organized by the Hindi Olympiad Foundation. Students from more than 30 countries participate in the International Hindi Olympiad.

What is a Hindi Olympiad?

International Hindi Olympiad is an annual competitive exam conducted by Hindi Olympiad Foundation. Hindi Olympiad Foundation is an educational organization based in India. The aim of the Foundation is to make the Hindi language prosperous at the international level.

How do I qualify for the Hindi Olympiad?

Every student from class 1 to 10 is eligible for the International Hindi Olympiad. To qualify for International Hindi Olympiad Round 2, students have to score more than or equal to 80%.

How do I prepare for the Hindi Olympiad?

To prepare for the Hindi Olympiad, students can download Syllabus and Sample Papers from the given links. School books are the best way to prepare for the Hindi Olympiad alongside sample papers and previous year papers.

Syllabus – https://hofglobal.org/syllabus

Sample Papers – https://hofglobal.org/sample-papers

Who organizes the Hindi Olympiad?

The Hindi Olympiad is organized by the Hindi Olympiad Foundation.

How can I register for the Hindi Olympiad?

You can apply for the Hindi Olympiad by visiting the following links:

Registration link for students studying in India:- –


Registration link for students studying outside India:-


In which mode (online or offline), is the Hindi Olympiad organized?

Hindi Olympiad is organized in both online and offline modes. Students can opt for online or offline mode to give Hindi Olympiad.

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