How To Prepare for ICSE 2022 | Best Tips for Higher Marks

How To Prepare for ICSE 2022: The Indian School Certificate Examinations will be organized shortly. Like other boards such as CBSE and State Boards, the CICSE board also organizes class Xth and XII examinations in the month of March.

The number of courses that are taught in the ICSE board requires special care and attention when we talk about Preparation Tips for ICSE 10th Board Exams 2022. Besides it in order to score higher marks, the first and foremost requirement is to be well-versed with each and every topic that is a part of your syllabus.

Next comes the revision part, followed by practice through sample papers. To know more about Tips for Board Exams Preparation ICSE read the complete article.

ICSE 10th Class Model Papers

How To Prepare for ICSE 2022

How to Prepare for ICSE Board Exams in One Month 

  • First of all, while revising the syllabus stick two the syllabus books. Since a reference to lots of books at a time is a wastage of time. Thus to optimize your score finish one book at a time, and follow the same pattern for other courses too.
  • The Second Tip for How to Prepare for ICSE Exam 2022 is make short notes/ list of important formulae, derivations and revise the same as and when required.
  • Make a study routine, for this, you can begin with the subjects in which you are good, and wind up your revision with the subject which is difficult for you. This will boost your confidence and you will remain confident while preparing for the board exams.
  • Utilize the 24 hours time effectively and don’t miss the study routine, even a single day.
  • Revise the notes that you have prepared during school hours, and after revising these solve sample/ model question papers and previous year papers in the given time frame.
  • Now analyze your scores and take note of the mistakes that are committing and next time take care of these.
  • Solving one set of sample papers daily will help to grasp each and every topic in a clear and concise manner.
  • Last but not least, ICSE Board Exam Tips, practice as much as you can. Since courses like mathematics, physics, chemistry and other subjects as well require lots of practice to get actual concepts

ICSE Board Previous Year Papers || ICSE Board TextBooks

Tips to Follow on the Day of Examination

  • At least, sleep 7-8 hours before the examination. This amount of sleep on the previous night will help you to feel fresh and energetic.
  • The ICSE Board allots the first 15 minutes to read the questions paper. What you have to do in this time span is read the question paper and identify the questions that you have to attempt first.
  • Now when you attempt the questions; first read the question carefully and afterward write the answers to the questions to the point.
  • Don’t forget to mention the correct question number in the answer sheet, for which you are writing the answer. Otherwise, even after writing the best answer, you may lose marks, if you haven’t put the question number correctly.
  • While writing the answer, there may be a situation when you don’t know the answers, but to be at your best, concentrate on the rest of the questions.
  • On the day of examination avoid taking heavy food, before the examination. Since this may make you feel uneasy and sleepy. To avoid this situation always take a light meal before attending the exam.

ICSE Board 10th Class TimeTable || ICSE Board Admit Card 2022

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