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ISC 12th Preparation Tips: The Indian School Certificate is very going to organize class 12th exams. The fear of examination is the worst nightmare for most of the meritorious students. But, to conquer this fear here we are sharing the best ISC Exam Preparation 2022 tips. The tips that we are sharing here, with the help you to study with more focus as well as you will be able to score the best possible marks. Keep reading to get the ISC Preparation Tips 2022 for annual exams.

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isc 12th preparation Tips 2022

ISC Science Preparation Tips 2022

  • First of all, revise the class notes or tuition notes, and after revising these refer to supplementary books.
  • In order to be concise follow the ISC 12th Class TextBook.
  • Make notes of Important formulae, SI Units, and revise them as and when required.
  • You can also use reference books, but don’t use more than one reference books as this may get confuse you.
  • Divide the chapters that are to be revised on a daily basis, this will keep a track of time.
  • For ISC Chemistry Preparation Tips, make notes of the Periodic table, molecular mass and of important formulae, and revise these as and when required.
  • Subjects like maths and Physics requires fast calculations as well as the track of important formulae. For ISC Physics Preparation Tips, make notes of important formulae, derivations, SI Units and revise the same on a daily basis and when required.
  • Once you finish with the revision, refer to previous year papers, this will actually, let you know how much you have accessed.   
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ISC Commerce Preparation Tips 2022

  • Stick to the ISC Syllabus prescribed by CISCE Board.
  • Plan your revision schedule, this will actually help you to avoid last moment stress.
  • Prepare notes of important Formulae, terms and important points of the chapter.
  • Use schedules and diagrams to revise the concepts.
  • For courses like Accountancy, practice more and more questions on company accounts, cash flow statements, and partnership, since these topics will cover 60% weightage of the paper.  
  • For ISC Economic Exam Tips, make small notes of important formulae, and for theory part, focus on important key points.
  • Practising calculations, and calculative part manually will increase your calculation speed as well as you give answers with accuracy.
  • Besides, the course book you refer to one supplementary book. For this, you can also take help of your course teacher/ counselor.
  • For courses like Business studies, keep track of key points, and while writing the answer elaborate the key points with a maximum five or six lines. Since examiners too like concise and to the point answers.
  • While revising a particular subject, retrieve the first three chapter once and then keep on adding next two chapters. Next revise all the five chapters together and so on.
  • For better results, give practice through sample/ Model papers, reference to these will help to keep track of time. This will help you in managing your time effectively in the actual exam.

ISC 12th Arts Preparation Tips 

  • Follow the syllabus that is prescribed for the ISC
  • Make a timetable, this will help you keep track of time.
  • Divide the chapter into groups, follow the same process for all the arts courses.
  • While revising the chapters, first recall the first two chapter and then move on to the next, repeat the cycle in the same manner, for the rest of the chapters.
  • For subjects like history, make notes of important events, names, periods and dates of different historical events.
  • Keep revising the notes on a regular basis.
  • To retain the occurrences of the events for the longer period you can make use of short clips that are available on the internet. Since pictorial notes are retrained for longer hours.
  • For political science and sociology subjects, note down the important key points, and while writing the same in the examination, explain each with maximum 2-3 lines.
  • To boost your confidence and to solve the question paper in the given time frame. Refer to Sample/ Previous year papers.
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