Jamia School Entrance Exam Question Papers 2022 – Download Here

Jamia School Entrance Exam Question Papers 2022: Entrance in VI, IX and XI class under the Jamia Millia Islamia will be given on the basis of admission test.

However just merely appearing in the admission test will not guarantee admission, instead of for such examinations a lot of efforts are required, whatever it is, as practice on sample papers, excellence in academics, academic performance and so on.

Thus, in order to prepare you for the Aptitude test here we are sharing the latest pattern Jamia Millia Islamia 2022 Entrance Papers.

Jamia Sample question for class VI

Question based on Mathematics, EVS and English language for class VI

Q.1. Fishes move with the help of:

a) Gills b)   Fins    c)  Scales   d) Limbs

Q.2. Deficiency of iron in body leads to:

a)Rickets    b) Scurvy    c)   Anemia d) Goitre

Q.3. The measurement of a straight Angle is:

a)900       b)  1500         c)  3600         d)  1800

Q.4. The Prime Number between 25 and 30 is:

a) 26        b) 27              c)  28              d)  29

Q.5. The train goes fast. The word fast is:

a)Verb       b) Noun   c) Adverb    d) Pronoun

Q.6. Fill in the blank with suitable Preposition

Please listen …………………….. Me attentively.

Q.7. The antonym of ‘wide’ is

a) Narrow   b)  tight    c) long     d)   broad

Answer Key

Entrance Exam  Exam Date (Expected)
Exam date for Class VI 15th July 2022
Exam date for Class IX 18th July 2022
Exam date for Class XI Science  –
Exam date for Class XI Commerce  –
Exam date for Class XI Arts  –
Official Website  jmi.ac.in

Download Here Jamia Old Papers

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Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance Exam Question Papers PDF

After filling up the online application form candidates will be called for the entrance exam, thus in order to secure admission in this school, it is very important that you prepare yourself for all sorts of questions. However, all sort of questions doesn’t mean that you cram up on a vast syllabus. To simplify your studies, the best way is to refer to Jamia School Entrance Question Papers or previous year question papers, since after scanning these you will come across the pattern, the sort of questions we used to ask in the examination.

Jamia School Entrance Exam 6th Class Sample Papers

Students who are going to appear for the Jamia School entrance examination, to boost your exam preparation refer to model question papers, sample papers or Jamia School Entrance Exam Question Papers 2022. Since to pursue education from such a school where candidates are selected through an entrance test makes it is even more striving. Thus the best will be referred to the question paper booklets.

Jamia School Entrance Exam Question Papers 2022

Download Jamia School Admission Test Syllabus from IX to XI Class !!!  Click Here

Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance Exam Question Papers for Class 9

The Question paper of IX class with be framed as per the syllabus of the 8th class, but when it comes to entrance test, to deal with such exams becomes difficult. Further, if you qualify for the written test, then also candidates who perform quite well in the examination are shortlisted due to the limited number of seats as well as further segmentation of seats. The only solution for such instances is to practice on previous year papers, sample papers as much as you can. Since when sit to solve the Jamia Islamia Admission Test Questions Papers For 9th Class, you will come across with the outline of exam pattern, the difficulty level of examination, as well as topics which are most important for the exam and so on.

Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance Exam Question Papers For Class 11

As per consultants advice candidates who take help of sample papers, model test papers are prone to perform well in the examination as compared to those who didn’t opt for the same. The reason is obvious, the more you practice the best you will get. However, the same thing implies when we talk about entrance/ admission test, admission criteria, performance in the entrance test, skill test makes such exams even more competitive, thus you can only get the victory when you have given a lot of practice on Jamia Islamia 2020 Entrance Exam Papers For 11th Class before the examination.

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