NCERT Solution for Class 6 Sanskrit (All Chapter) – Download Pdf

NCERT Solution For Class 6th Sanskrit is provided chapter-wise below in the table. Interested students can access and also download the NCERT Solution for Class 6th Sanskrit by going through the links provided just in-front of the Chapters Name.

NCERT’s Book Ruchira has been included by the CBSE for the Class 6th Sanskrit. The Book has a total of 15 Chapters and in these 15 chapters there are 120+ Question. Students can check solutions of each and every question from the table below.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 – Sanskrit (All Chapters)

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Sanskrit
Chapter 1 – शब्द परिचयः 1
Chapter 2 – शब्द परिचयः 2
Chapter 3 – शब्द परिचयः 3
Chapter 4 – विद्यालयः
Chapter 5 – वृक्षाः
Chapter 6 – समुद्रतटः
Chapter 7 – बकस्य प्रतिकारः
Chapter 8 – सूक्तिस्तबकः
Chapter 9 – क्रीडास्पर्धा
Chapter 10 – कृषिकाः कर्मवीराः
Chapter 11 – पुष्पोत्सवः
Chapter 12 – दशमः त्वम असि
Chapter 13 – विमानयानं रचयाम
Chapter 14 – अहह आः च
Chapter 15 – मातुलचन्द्र

All the provided stuff are prepared from the actual book with some small modification, so you can use them in your day to day study and also in your exam preparation.

I hope NCERT Solution for Class 6th Sanskrit will help you in your studies. If it did, Just bookmark the page and share with your friends.  Good Luck and Keep Visiting.

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