How to Score 90% Marks in 10th/ 12th Class of UP Board

UP Board 10th 12th Exam Preparation Tips: One side where the grades are rising to 99.99%, till date students take board exams as a pressure. The stress levels among the students are increased with the entry into the board classes.

Often the stress is so high that the students tend to forget everything in the examinations. Well, this is an absolutely natural phenomenon for all.

UP Board 10th/ 12th Board Exam Preparation | Tips To Get 90% Marks

However, despite the anxiousness and stress, you can perform well in the exam by following certain careful steps. Through this article of UP Board Exam Tips, we have made an effort to help all those students who will be appearing this year for their 10th and 12th boards respectively.

Here you can find various 10th & 12th Board Exam Tips to enhance your performance in the exam with impressive answers.

UP Board Exam Tips

1 Mark Priority

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For all the board examinations, there is reading time allotted to the students after the distribution of the question paper. Don’t rush to attempt the answers sections by sections in this time. It will hardly take 10 minutes to read out all the questions and know which you can attempt very well. By the time set them your priorities and attempt them first. This is Strategy for 12th UP Board to score fullest marks from well-known questions.

2 Long Answer Questions First

It is not necessary for any of the question papers to attempt Section A, B and then C. Students are free to set their priorities. Most of the students consume more time for questions answered first but also answer well. Hence, Short tricks for the 12th UP Board to get the fullest score for given answers is to attempt the long answer questions first. This way you will be able to describe them fully and sufficient time will be left for other questions.

3 Mention Key Points

Students make such mistakes while attempting the long answer questions by mentioning unnecessary points to expand it. For students attempting UP Board Exam Preparation Tips are that read out the questions carefully and answer them point wise. For further details mentions some relative facts and examples or even you can mention the diagrams, charts or process. This enhances the quality of the answer while making it long enough according to the word limits. More presentable and to the point your answers are less cut off you will have.

4 Choose Wisely

Usually, for the long answer questions, there are two or more choices given to the students. It is advisable to choose the question with more breakage. Example- There can be options such as-

  1. Write a short note or Give the detailed explanation.
  2. Explaining a process, its functions, and effects.

For all those students who want to know How to Crack 10th Board Exams, it is advisable to go with option b. It can help you explain more with good content. This strategy can also help you to answer at least half of the question rather than dropping the whole.

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