AISSEE 2021 Entrance Syllabus – Sainik School Admission Test Exam Pattern

AISSEE 2021 Entrance Syllabus: In order to take admissions in the Sainik School, the Sainik School Society takes the annual written examination for class 6th & 9th. That is held during the month of January and February.

The date for the examination for the year 20201-22 is 6th January 2021 (Expected). Make sure to read ahead as here is all that you need to know about the AISSEE Syllabus.

The Sainik Schools are a group of trustworthy and respected educational institutions. This group of institutions is basically under the direct control of the Ministry Of Defence India. This group was constituted by V. K. Krishna Menon, Ex-Defence Minister of India, to rectify the regional and class imbalance amongst the Officer cadre of the Indian Military.

AISSEE Question Paper !! 

AISSEE 2021 Entrance Syllabus

AISSEE 2021 Entrance Syllabus Pdf Download

As discussed above the students that are to appear in the examinations that are going to be in January of 2021. Those students need to prepare a bit harder now as the examinations are much near. The Syllabus Sainik School Entrance Exam.

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The students must also know that the AISSEE Admission Test Syllabus that is prepared by the SS society is basically based on the books that are prescribed by the NCERT.

ClassTopicSub- Topic
Class 9thMathematics

·         Squares and Square Roots

·         Cubes and Cube Roots

·         Rational Exponents

·         and Radicals

·         Profit, Loss and Discount Compound Interest

·         Algebraic Identities

·         Polynomials

·         Equation in one variable

·         Parallel lines

·         Quadrilaterals: special types of

·         Quadrilaterals;

·         Areas of plane figures( Triangle, Quadrilaterals, Circle; Circumference of Circle)

·         Surface Areas and Volumes (Cylinder, Cone, Sphere & Solids)

·         Statistics: Mean,

·         frequency table.


·         Letter Writing (Formal and Informal)

·         Comprehension (Paragraph/ Passage Writing (150 words))

·         Constructing a story from the outlines

·         Passage Comprehension(Types

·         of sentences; Spotting Errors)

·         Active & Passive Voice

·         Reported Speech

·         Clauses,

·         Prepositions

·         Tenses

·         Articles

·         Antonyms & Synonyms

·         Rearrange jumbled words

·         Adjective Forms

·         Adverb Forms

·         Comparative and Superlative

·         Degrees

·         Question Tags and Framing sentences with words


·         The Universe

·         Soil

·         Air

·         Transformation of substances

·         Structure of Atom

·         Metals and non-metals

·         Carbon

·         Cell structure of function

·         Micro-organisms

·         Refraction of light

·         Electricity and Magnetism

·         Sources of Energy

·         Common diseases

·         Food production and

·         management –basic practices.


·         India and the Modern world

·         India in the 18th century

·         The rise and growth of British Rule in India

·         Administrative structure

·         Policies and impact of British rule

·         Revolt against British rule

·         British policies and administration in India after 1857

·         Changes in Economic life

·         Religion and Social reform movement

·         Cultural awakening

·         Struggle for Swaraj

·         Nationalist Movement from 1923– 1939

·         Achievements of Independence


·         Natural Disasters – Earthquake, Volcanoes, Cyclone, Floods, Environmental degradation

·          Development issues

·          Globalisation

·         United Nations – International agencies

·         Human Rights

·          India and the United Nations

·          Foreign Policy of India

·         India and its Neighbours



·         Resources (Types and developments, Natural resources – Land, Soil, Water,

·         Minerals, Energy, Plants and Wild life

·          Agriculture

·         Manufacturing Industries

·         Human resources NCERT – Social Science Text Book class VIII Part I and Part II

Class 6thMathematics (Arithmetic)

·         Addition, Subtraction Multiplication and Division of numbers

·         fractions and decimals

·          BODMAS Rule

·         LCM and HCF

·         Unitary method

·          Average

·         Percentage

·         Profit and loss

·         Simple Interest

·         Square root

·         Area and Perimeter

·         Ratio and Proportion

·         Geometry

·         Triangle

·         Circle

·         Algebraic expressions


·         Composition / Paragraph Writing

·         Comprehension Passages

·         Tenses

·         Types of Sentences -Negative, Affirmative and Interrogative

·         Prepositions

·         Articles

·         Framing Questions

·         One Word answers/fill in the blanks

·         Singular & Plural forms

·         Homonyms

·         Synonyms & Antonyms

·         Spelling

·         Make meaningful sentences from jumbled words

·         Constructing sentences with words

AISSE Admit Card Details !! 

Sainik School 6th/9th Class Entrance Exam Pattern 2021

After knowing about the Syllabus of the examination the students need the Sainik School Entrance Pattern. So the Exam Pattern for 6th class is:

SubjectsNumber of QuestionsMarks per QuestionTotal Marks
General Knowledge (Science and SST)25250
General Intelligence25250

Sainik School Entrance Exam Pattern for (9th Class), make sure to prepare for the examination as per below-provided syllabus details.

SubjectsNumber of QuestionsMarks per QuestionTotal Marks
General Science25250
Social Studies25250
Total150 —-400

Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus 2021 PDF FAQ

Where Can I Get Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus 2021?

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What Is Sainik School Entrance Exam Pattern 2021 Class 6?

AISSEE 6th Class Exam Contains 125 Question For 300 Marks

How To Download AISSEE Class 9 Syllabus 2021?

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