English Sample Question Paper for Class 5 – Available Here

Q.1 Tick the correct answer:

1. Dussehra is the festival of:

(a). Victory of good (b). Victory of immoral (c). Victory of evil (d). Victory of rakshsas

2. Laziness is _________ for us:

(a). good (b). bad (c). useful (d). helpful

3. Which festival is also called Vijayadashmi:

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(a). Diwali (b). Holi (c). Dussehra (d). Rakhi

4. Who is not willing to work?

(a). Peacock (b). Dog (c). Parrot (d). Rohit

5. A punctual boy:

(a). Does not miss his school

(b). Does not do work on time

(c). Does not misuse things

(d). Does not waste his time

Q.2 Write T for true and F for false statements:

  1. Ramleela describes the story of Ram. [    ]
  2. We should give up laziness. [    ]
  3. The moon looks like a diamond in the sky. [    ]
  4. Smoking is injurious to health. [    ]
  5. The star shines brighter than the sun. [    ]

Q.3 Fill in the blanks:

[harmful, Victory, advice, evening]

  1. India got ____ over Pakistan in the Kargil War.
  2. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the ____.
  3. ‘Always speak the truth’ is a good ____.
  4. Smoking is ____ for our health.

Q.4 Write short answered questions:

  1. Who chews gutkha in the class?
  2. Who is the boy speaking to?
  3. What does the genie do?
  4. Why do we celebrate Dussehra?

Q.5 Write long answer questions:

  1. What is Ramleela? Which scenes are enacted on the stage?
  2. Why did Rohit find no friends in the garden to play with?
  3. What happens when someone’s rubs a magic lamp?
  4. What happens when the sun comes back in the sky?


Q.6 Fill in the missing letters to complete the words given below:

  1. n__str__l
  2. th__gh
  3. l__ng
  4. He__d

Q.7 Fill in the blanks with suitable article a/an/the:

  1. ______ egg ________ school
  2. ______ earth ________ Rajasthan Patrika

Q.8 Fill in the blanks with correct preposition:

  1. I throw the garbage ______ the dustbin. (in/on/at)
  2. Dussehra is a symbol of victory of good _________ evil. (over/in/under)
  3. Rohit sits on a bench _______ a big banyan tree. (with/under/at)
  4. I came here _______ a car. (in/on/at)
  5. Teacher say ‘sit __________.’ (down/on/in)

Q.9 Make new words by adding prefix:

  1. ____+ bin 2. ____+ happy 3. ___+ land

Q.10 Paragraphs completion:

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