JKBOSE 12th Class Science Stream Syllabus 2022

JKBOSE 12th Class Science Stream Syllabus 2022: In the subject under the science stream, the students will be judged based upon both the theory section and the practical section for all the subjects except mathematics. As for the students that have Maths there will be no practical section and the marks for the subjects that have practicals will be having maximum of 70 Marks. And other than this the Maths will have the question paper of 100 marks.

  • The Practical for any subject will be taken for 20 marks by any external examiner which will be of 30 marks.
  • The rest of the 10 marks that are left will be awarded to the school based on their performances of the candidate as an individual.
  • Each of the subjects will be of 100 maximum marks.

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JKBOSE 12th Class Syllabus 2022 (Science Stream)

Faculty Of Science

Group I
  • General English (Compulsory)
Group II
  • Physics (Compulsory)
Group III
  • Chemistry (Compulsory)
Group IV
  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
Group V
  • Biology
  • Statistics
  • Geography
Group VI
  • Geology
  • Biotechnology
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
Group VII
  • Computer Science
  • Information Practices
  • Environmental Science
  • Functional English
  • Physical Education
  • Islamic Studies
  • Vedic Studies
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Electronics

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Marking Scheme

Internal AssessmentExternal Examination
Environmental Science701020100
Information Practices701020100
Computer Science701020100

Faculty Of Home Science

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Group I
  • General English (Compulsory)
Group II
  • Human Development (Compulsory)
Group III
  • Clothing For The Family (Compulsory)
Group IV
  • Extension Education (Compulsory)
Group V
  • Computer Science
  • Information Practices
  • Environmental Science
  • Functional English
  • Islamic Studies
  • Vedic Studies
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Travel, Tourism and Hotel Management

Marking Scheme

Internal AssessmentExternal Examination
Human Development701020100
Clothing For The Family701020100
Extension Education701020100

1. Chemistry

Name Of UnitName Of ChapterMarks
Unit 1Solid State4
Unit 2Solutions5
Unit 3Electrochemistry5
Unit 4Chemical Kinetics5
Unit 5Surface Chemistry4
Unit 6General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements3
Unit 7P-Block Element8
unit 8d- and f- block Element5
Unit 9Coordination Compounds3
Unit 10Haloalkanes and Haloarenes4
Unit 11Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers4
Unit 12Aldehydes Ketones and Carboxylic Acids6
Unit 13Organic compounds containing Nitrogen4
Unit 14Biomolecules4
Unit 15Polymers3
Unit 16Chemistry in Everyday Life3

2. Mathematics

Name Of The UnitName Of ChapterMarks
1Relations and Functions10
4Vectors And 3-D Geometry17
5Linear Programming06

3. Applied Mathematics

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
Unit 1Matrices and Determinants20
Unit 2Limits and Continuity of a Functions12
Unit 3Derivative12
Unit 4Applications of Derivative10
Unit 5Integrals16
Unit 6Differential Equation10
Unit 7Statistics10
Unit 8Dynamics10

4. Physics

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
2Current Electricity07
3Magnetic Effects of current and magentism08
4Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents08
5Electromagnetic Waves03
7Dual nature of matter and radiation04
8Atoms and Nuclei06
9Electronic devices07
10Communication System05

5. Statistics

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
3Regression Analysis10
4Theory of Attributes08
5Index Number10
6Vital Statistics08
7Sampling Theory08
8Time Series and Computers10

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6. Biology

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
1Reproduction in Flowering Plants07
3Biology and Human Welfare07
4Ecology and Environment12

6. General English

Part Of The SectionName Of The SectionMarks
BReading Comprehensive15
CWriting Skills15

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7. Functional English

Name Of The BookName Of The SectionMax. Marks
Literature Reader IIProse25
Short Stories15

8. Zoology

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
2Genetics and Evolution12
3Biology and Human Welfare07
4Biotechnology and Its Applications05

9. Biotechnology

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
1Protein Structure and Engineering15
2Recombinant DNA Techonolgy15
3Genomics and Bioinformatics10
4Microbial Culture and Applications10
5Plant cell culture and Application10
6Animal cell culture and Applications10

10. Geography

SectionName Of The ChapterMarks
AFundamentals of Human Geography03
BIndia: People and Economy35
CPractical Work30

11. Computer Science

Name Of The UnitTopicsMarks
1Programming in C++30
2Data Structures14
3Databases And SQL08
4Boolean Logic08
5Communication And Open Source Concepts10

12. Islamic Studies

UnitName Of The UnitMarks
1Worship in Islam (Ibadah and Arkam)10
2Ethical Values in Islam10
3Human Rights in Islam10
4Status Of Women in Islam10
5Introduction to the Qu’ram10
6Knowledge and the Quranic Teachings10
7Social Teachings of the Qu’ran10
8Economics Teachings of the Qu’ran10
9Introduction to Hadith10
10Introduction to Figh (Law)10

13. Geology

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
2General Geology12
4Remote Sensing10
5Economics Geology14
6Structural Geology11

14. Buddhist Studies

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
3Karma and Re-birth10
4Post Gautama Buddha Preceptors10
5Buddhism and Modern World10
6Introduction to Scared Books of Buddhism10
7Introduction to Sadalankara (Six Acharyas of Buddhism)10
10Introduction To The Buddhist Art and Architecture10

15. Vedic Studies

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChaptersMarks
IVedic Scholoars-Indian and Western10
IIAllied Vedic Literature10
IVThe Land and The People20
VLiterature Having Vedas as Source ‘I’15
VILiterature Having Vedas as Source ‘II’15
VIIVedic Science and Technology10
VIIIVedic Concepts10

16. Environmental Science

Chapter No.Name Of The ChapterMarks
1Action on The Atmosphere10
2Population and Conservation Of Ecology13
3Planning For Environmental Conservation and Protection12
4Technology and Environment12
6Legal Regimes For Sustainable Development10

17. Physical Education

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
Unit IPhysical Fitness05
Unit IITraining Methods10
Unit IIISociological Aspects of Physical Education10
Unit IVMoral Education05
Unit VSports and Environment10
Unit VIYoga05
Unit VIIConcepts Of Major Games/ Sports10
Unit VIIISports Medicine First Aid Rehabiliation05

18. Electronic

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
Unit IMeasurement & PMMC Movement08
Unit IIInstrumnets08
Unit IIITransducers08
Unit IVElectronics Communication16
Unit VNumber System and Logic Gates12
Unit VICombinational Logic Circuits10
Unit VIIFundamentals Of Computers08

19Home Science (Elective)

Name Of The UnitName Of The Chapters Marks
IUnderstanding Early Childhood18
IINutrition For Self, Family and Community09
IIIWays To Ensure Good Health For Family09
IVMoney Management and Consumer Education11
VConsumer Protection And Education06
VIClothing Selection and Care36
VIIApplication Of Home Science Education06


Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
Unit IMammalian Hormones Derived From Lipids07
Unit IIHormones Derived From Aminoacids, Peptides and Proteins07
Unit IIIEnzymes07
Unit IVLipid Metabolism07
Unit VNucleic Acid Metabolism07
Unit VICarbohydrates Metabolism Part I07
Unit VIICarbohydrates Metabolism Part II07
Unit VIIIMetabolism Of Amino Acids07
Unit IXDNA Replication and Transcriptions07
Unit XTranslation/ Protein Biosynthesis07

21. Microbiology

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
Unit IHost Microbie Interaction11
Unit IIBacterial Genetics12
Unit IIIImmunology12
Unit IVApplied Microbiology20
Unit VDiseases15

22. Human Development (elective)

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
Unit IGrowth And Development14
Unit IIPrenatal Development14
Unit IIIPost Natal Care14
Unit IVDevelopment During Early Childhood14
Unit VDevelopment During Late Childhood14

23. Clothing For Family

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
Unit IClothing10
Unit IIFabric Construction20
Unit IIIFabric Finishes15
Unit IVWashing And Finishing Of Garments10
Unit VEquipment And Supplies Used In Clothing Construction15

24Extension Education

Name Of The UnitName Of The ChapterMarks
Unit IConcept Of Home Extension14
Unit IIInterdisciplinary Nature Of Home Sicence14
Unit IIIMethods of Teaching and Planning14
Unit IVDevelopment Communication14
Unit VCommunication14

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