JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2023 Commerce Stream

JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2023 Commerce: Out of all the 5 subjects of the commerce stream, just 4 will be having the theory exam.

  • Typing and Shorthand will be just the practical only and will be judged for maximum 60 marks as external assessment. and 40 marks as the internal assessment.
  • The subject of Business Studies and Business Mathematics will have just the theory paper.
  • The Subject of Accounts and Entrepreneurship will be having practicals for 20 marks and 70 marks as theory examination.
  • Maximum marks are 100 for each subject (theory and practical).
Group I
  • General English (Compulsory)
Group II
  • Business Studies (Compulsory)
Group III
  • Accountancy (Compulsory)
Group IV
  • Entrepreneurship or Economics
Group V
  • Business Mathematics
  • Typewriting & Shorthand
  • Public Administration
Group VI
  • Computer Science
  • Information Practices
  • Environmental Science
  • Functional English
  • Islamic Studies
  • Vedic Studies
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Travel, Tourism & Hotel Management

Marking Scheme

Subject Marks Total
Theory Practical
Internal Assessment External Examination
Business Studies 100 100
Accountancy 80 05 15 100
Entrepreneurship 80 05 15 100
Business Mathematics 100 x 100
Short Hand and Type Writing 40 60 100
Public Administration 100 X X 100

General English (Compulsory)

Part Of Section Name Of The Section Marks
Section A Literature 40
Section B Reading Comprehensive 15
Section C Writing Skills 15
Section D Grammar 25

 JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2023 Commerce Stream

JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2021 Commerce Stream

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Business Studies (Compulsory)

Name Of Unit Name Of Chapter Marks
1 Nature and Significance of Management 07
2 Principles Of Measurements 07
3 Management and Business Environment 05
4 Planning 07
5 Organizing 10
6 Staffing 08
7 Directing 10
8 Controlling 06
9 Business Finance 12
10 Financial Market 08
11 Marketing Management 14
12 Consumer Protection 06

JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2021 Commerce Stream

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Accountancy (Compulsory)

Part Type Name Of The Part Marks
Part A Accounting For Partnership Firms and Companies 60
Part B 20
Part C Project Work 15


Name Of Unit Name Of Chapter Marks
Unit I Entrepreneurial Opportunities & Enterprise Creation 20
Unit 2 Enterprise Planning & Resourcing 30
Unit 3 Enterprise Management 30


Name Of Unit Name Of Chapter Marks
Unit I Introduction 04
Unit II Consumer Equilibrium and Demand 18
Unit III Producer Behaviour and supply 18
Unit IV Forms of Market and Price Determination 10
Unit V Simple Applications of Tools Demand and Supply curves  Non Evaluative
Unit VI National Income and Related Aggregates 15
Unit VII Determination of Income and Employment 12
Unit VIII Money and Banking 08
Unit IX Government Budget and Economy 08
Unit X Balance of Payments 07

Business Mathematics

Name Of Unit Name Of Chapter Marks
Unit I Matrices and Determinants 15
Unit II Limits and continuity of a function 10
Unit III Derivatives 15
Unit IV Integration 15
Unit V Differential Equation 15
Unit VI Application Of Integration 10
Unit VII Application of Calculus in commerce and economics 10
Unit VIII Computing 10

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Typewriting And Shorthand

Name Of Section Section Specification Marks
A Typewriting on Type machine/ Computer Keyboard 30 marks (external examination)

20 Marks (Internal Assessment)

B Shorthand 30 marks (external examination)

20 Marks (Internal Assessment)

Public Administration

Name Of Unit Name Of Chapter Marks
Unit I Historical Background 10
Unit II Indian Constitution 10
Unit III Central Administration 10
Unit IV Personnel Administration In India 10
Unit V Planning in India 10
Unit VI Centre State Relations 10
Unit VII State Administration 10
Unit VIII District Administration 10
Unit IX Rural And Urban Government 10
Unit X E-Governance 10

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Travel, Tourism And Hotel Management

Name Of Part Part Specification Marks
Part A Travel & Tourism Management (Advanced) 50
Part B Hotel Management (Advanced) 50

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