Maharashtra State Board New Syllabus 2022 Download Pdf

Maharashtra State Board New Syllabus 2022: Maharashtra State Board decided to change its 9th class syllabus from this year. Initially, students will face little inconvenience but by and by they will get accustomed to the new syllabus. New text books will be issued for class 9th of the Maharashtra state board for the upcoming academic year, 2022.

According to the Maharashtra board education, authority 25% of the history syllabus in class 9th will now include Maharashtra contemporary History- such as state Politics, samyukta Movement. Get here all the complete details regarding Maharashtra 9th Class State Board New Syllabus PDF.

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Maharashtra 9th Standard Syllabus 2022

This year Maharashtra has decided to change its 9th class syllabus. Students will find lots of changes in the history book as compared to other subjects. Along with 9th standard the Maharashtra board has also decided to upgrade the syllabus of all classes to meet the National Curriculum Framework (2005). According to the Maharashtra Board the Major changes has been done in History subject, as per the School authority 25% of the history syllabus has replaced  with Maharashtra state history events. Apart this Maharashtra Board has also removed information & Technology (ICT) from the list of subjects.

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Maharashtra State Board New Syllabus 2022

Maharashtra 9th Std PDF Download

Maharashtra State Education has done away with certain changes in the class 9th subjects and Syllabus. Below given is the complete list of the detailed syllabus. Go through this detailed syllabus to understand the changes that have been made by the State board.

Subjects                         List of Chapters
Mathematics1.Lines and Angles9.Sets
2.Triangles10.Real Numbers
3.Circle11.Algebraic Expressions
4.Quadrilaterals12.Linear Equations in Two Variables
5.Co-ordinate Geometry13.Graphs
6.Geometric Constructions14.Ratio, Proportion and Variation
Science1.Why Bodies Float9.Inside the Atom
2.The Music of Sound10.Counting Matter
3.Moving Objects11.Cell : The Unit of Life
4.The Laws of Motion12.Life : Simple and Complex
5.The Pull of The Earth13.Highway to Health
6.Energy : The Driving Force14.Quality Food, Quality Life
7.World of Matter15.Bonding with Ecosystems
8.Understanding Matter16.Solid waste: Ecofriendly Management
Social Studies1.Ancient and Medieval Civilization11.Agriculture
2.Renaissance and Feudalism12.Industries
3.Age of Revolution13.Transportation, Communication and Tourism
4.Introduction to Political Science14.Population
5.Making of the Constitution15.Regional Development
6.Fundamental Rights and Duties16.Practical Geography
7.Electoral Process17.Introduction of Economics
8.Concept of a Region18.Basic Concepts of Economics
9. Natural Resources19.Sources of Income
10.Occupation20.Family Budget
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Maharashtra 10th Standard Syllabus 2022

Students who are looking for the 10th standard syllabus can download it from our web page. Get here the complete syllabus of 10th class. The syllabus which we are providing here will cover all the subjects such as Social Science, Mathematics, Hindi, English, Marathi and Science. The syllabus is designed in such a way the students will be able to understand the course objectives clearly and will also enable students in effective learning. The Detailed syllabus helps students to organize the study time table in effective way and also enables students to manage time effectively. Detailed Maharashtra State Board Of secondary and Higher Secondary Education syllabus is Given Below.

Subjects                     List Of chapters
Mathematics1.Arithmetic Progression7. Circle
2. Quadratic Geometry
3.Linera Equations in two variables9.Geometric Constructions
4.Probability10. Trigonometry
5.Statistics11. Mensuration
6. Similarity
Science1.The Electric Spark8.Amazing world of Carbon Compounds
2.All  about the Electromagnetism9.Life’s Internal secrets
3.wonders  of light10.The Regulators of life
4.School Of Elements11.The Life Cycle
5. The Magic Of chemical Reactions12.Mapping Our Genes
6.The Acid base Chemistry13.Striving for Better environment
7.Understanding Metals& Non metals
Social Studies1.Imperalism12.The Peninsular Plateau Region – Central Highlands
2.Twentieth Century – Age of Conflict13.The Peninsular Plateau Region – Deccan
3.Emancipation of Asia and Africa14.The Ghats, Coastal Plains and Islands
4.World After Second World War15.Practical Geography
5.Democracy16.The Northern Plain Region – Central, Delta and Eastern
6.Political Parties17.The Northern Plain Region – Western (Punjab and Haryana)
7.Democracy and Diversity18.The Northern Plain Region – Western (Punjab and Haryana)
8.Challenges before Democracy19.Basic Problems of an Economy
9.Physical Divisions of India20.Introduction of an Economy
10.The Northern Mountain Region21.Inflation
11.The Northern Plain Region – Desert22.Public Distribution System and Consumer Protection
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