NCERT Syllabus For Class 9 – Science, Maths, SST, Hindi, English Pdf Download

NCERT Syllabus For Class 9 - Science, Maths, SST, Hindi, EnglishAs per NCERT, 9th Class is one of the stepping stones for the concepts which will be read in the upcoming classes. There are five main subjects Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, English, Hindi and/or an additional subject of student’s choice in the NCERT Syllabus for Class 9th.

NCERT Syllabus for Class 9

CBSE 9th Class is where new concepts are introduced in existing subjects. Also, all chapters of a subject are inter-connected with one another. However, we are providing you the NCERT Syllabus of each subject of 9th class and can Download NCERT Syllabus (subject-wise). CBSE Syllabus for Class 9th is given in the table below:

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NCERT Syllabus For Class 9
SubjectList of Chapters
Science1. Matter In Our Surroundings9. Force And Laws Of Motion
2. Is Matter Around Us Pure10. Gravitation
3. Atoms And Molecules11. Work And Energy
4. Structure Of The Atom12. Sound
5. The Fundamental Unit Of Life13. Why Do We Fall Ill
6. Tissues14. Natural Resources
7. Diversity In Living Organisms15. Improvement In Food Resources
8. Motion
Mathematics1. Number Systems9. Areas Of Parallelograms And Triangles
2. Polynomials10. Circles
3. Coordinate Geometry11. Constructions
4. Linear Equations In Two Variables12. Heron’S Formula
5. Introduction To Euclid’S Geometry13. Surface Areas And Volumes
6. Lines And Angles14. Statistics
7. Triangles15. Probability
8. Quadrilaterals
English1. The Fun They Had – Isaac Asimov14 No Men Are Foreign – James Kirkup
2. The Road Not Taken – Robert Frost15. Packing – Jerome K. Jerome
3. The Sound of Music16. The Duck and the Kangaroo – Edward Lear
4. Evelyn Glennie: Deborah Cowley17. Reach for the Top
5. Bismillah Khan18. Santosh Yadav
6. Wind – Subramania Bharati19. Maria Sharapova
7. The Little Girl – Katherine Mansfield20. On Killing a Tree – Gieve Patel
8. Rain on the Roof – Coates Kinney21. The Bond of Love – Kenneth Anderson
9. A Truly Beautiful Mind22. The Snake Trying – W. W. E. Ross
10. The Lake Isle of Innisfree – William Butler Yeats23. Kathmandu – Vikram Seth
11. The Snake and the Mirror – Vaikom Muhammad Basheer24. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal – William Wordsworth
12. A Legend of the Northland – Phoebe Cary25. If I Were You – Douglas James
13. My Childhood – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Social Studies1. India – Size and Location4. Climate
2. Physical Features of India5. Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
3. Drainage6. Population
1. The Story of Village Palampur3. Poverty as a Challenge
2. People as Resource4. Food Security in India
1. Events and Processes7. Pastoralists in the Modern World
2. The French Revolution8. Peasant and Farmers
3. Socialism in Europe and the Russia9. Everyday Life, Culture and Politics
4. Nazism and the Rise of Hitler10. History and Sports: The Story of Cricket
5. Livelihoods, Economics and Societies11. Clothing: A Social History
6. Forest society and Colonialism
Hindi1. Do Bailo Ki Katha10. Vakh
2. Lhasa Ki Aur11. Raskhan Ke Savaiye
3. Upbhokta Vad Ki Sanskriti12. Kaidi Aur Kokila Poem
4. Savle Sapno Ki Yaad13. Gram Shree Poem
5. Nana Sahib Ke Putri Devi Maina Ko Bhasm Kar Diya Gaya14. Chandra Grahan Ki Aur Lotti Ber
6. Premchand Ke Phate Jute15. Megh Aaye
7. Mere Bachpan Ke Din By Mahadevi Verma16. Yamraj Ki Disha
8. Ek Kutta Aur Ek Maina17. Bache Kaam Par Jaa Rahe Hai
9. Kabir Ki Sakhiyan

Students can also Download NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 from the table below:

Download NCERT Syllabus for Class 9
S.NoNCERT Syllabus
1NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 – Science
2NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 – Maths
3NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 – Social Studies
4NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 – Hindi
5NCERT Syllabus for Class 9 – English

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