Maharashtra Board SSC : English Syllabus (Available)

Just like the other languages, the students that are waiting for the Maharashtra Board English Syllabus may read ahead as here we have gathered all that you may need to know for the syllabus.

students that are going to appear for the 10th board examination. These students are advised to make sure that they are making the preparations for the examinations based upon the syllabus that released by the Maharashtra boar for the English language.

Maharashtra SSC Syllabus: English

Topic Details
Coursebook in English (Kumarbharti) Prose-
(About 64 pages of literary and non-literary (informative) Text).
(About 250 lines
Non- detailed study: A selection of literary texts (Short Stories And One Act Play).
Grammar Revision Of Grammatical items studied up to Std 8th.
Sentences- Simple, Compound, Complex.
Different Kinds of: Principal, Co-ordinate, Sub-ordinate
Tences- Continous (Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future perfect).
A, An, The (Advanced Level).
Different uses of prepositions.
Word Formation-
Noun, Adjective, Verb, and adverbs.
Statements, Questions, negatives, indirect object.
Question Formation-
Tag questions
Reported Speech-
Sentements, Questions, Commands, Requests, Exclamation.
Non- Finites-
Infinitives, Gerunds, Participles
Modal- Auxiliaries-
Uses of ‘Can’, ‘ May’, ‘Might’ etc.
Unreal conditions in the present/ past possible conditions in the future.

Maharashtra Board SSC English Syllabus PDF: Click Here

Section Marks Weightage
Reading Skills (Text Book Based) 40%
Grammer 15%
Writing Skill 25 %
Oral Test 20%

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