Maharashtra Board SSC : Social Science Syllabus (Available)

The students that are appearing for the class 10th examinations this year may note that the board has already released the genuine syllabus. So keep reading ahead as here is all that you need to know about the Maharashtra Board Social Science Syllabus. The students must prepare based upon the official syllabus.

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The syllabus as usual covers the portion of the History, Political Science, Geography and Economics. So the students are advised to make sure that you do prepare as per the best resources possible.

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Maharashtra SSC Syllabus: Social Science

Unit Name Topics
Imperialism Geographical discoveries and colonization
Aisa: India, China, And Japan
20th Century Age of Conflict First World War
Russian Revolution
The League of Nations
Dictatorships in Europe, Second World War, and World
United Nations Organization
Emancipation of Asia and Africa Asia
World War 2 Cold War
Scientific And Technological Progress
Political Science
Democracy Meaning, Types, and Characteristics
Political Parties Types meaning need, Types of political Parties National and Regional
Social Diversity and Democracy What is social diversity
Caste/Race and Democracy
Language and Democracy
Religion and Democracy
Gender and Democracy
Challenges to Democracy and its Remedial Measures Challenges to Democracy and its Remedial Measures
Physical Divisions of India Identification of Physical Divisions
North Indian Mountains Himalayas
Associated Mountains
North Indian Plain Region Deserts
Western Plains
Central Plains
Eastern Plains
Delta Region
Peninsular Plateau Region Malwa Plateau
Chhotta Nagpur Plateau
Maharashtra Plateau
Karnataka Plateau
Telangana Plateau
Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats Sahyadries
Eastern Ghats
Coastal Regions Eastern Coastal Plains
Western Coastal Plains
Indian Islands Western Islands
Eastern Islands
Introduction of an economy What is the Economy?
Types Of Economy
Main Features of Economy
Basic Problems of an economy and its solutions Introduction
For whom to produce?
How much to produce?
By whom to produce?
How best are the resources being used?
Solutions Capitalism
Mixed Economy
Inflation  Introduction
Causes of Inflation
Effects of Inflation
Public Distribution System and Consumer Protection Introduction
Public Distribution System Meaning and Explanation
Objectives of P.D.S
Progress Of P.D.S
Drawbacks of P.D.S
Remedial Measures
Consumer Protection- Rights and duties of consumer, food, and adulteration.

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