Maharashtra Board SSC : Maths Syllabus (Available Here)

The board has already released the whole of the mathematics syllabus and we have provided here all that you may need to know about the Maharashtra Board Class 10th Maths Syllabus.

The students are also advised that they prepare for their examinations just according to the examination syllabus as this will be the most helpful and the most adequate way to prepare for the examination.

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Maharashtra Board Syllabus: Maths

Division Topic Sub- Topic
Algebra Arithmetic Progression Introduction To Sequence
Arithmetic Progression (A.P.) and Geometric Progression (G.P.)
General Terms Of AP and GP.
Sum Of the First ‘n’ terms of an AP and GP.
Arithmetic Mean and Geometric Mean.
Quadratic Equation Introduction to quadratic equations.
Nature of roots Discriminant.
Solutions of quadratic equations
Relation between the roots of the equation and coefficient of the terms in the equations reducible to quadratic form.
Probability Introduction to probability and related terms.
Classical definition of probability.
Types of event.
Equally likely outcomes
Probability of an event.
Properties of probability.
Addition theorem (Without Proof).
Statistics Brief revision of tabulation of data inclusive and exclusive type of table.
Mean, Median and Mode of grouped data.
Histograms, frequency polygon, frequency curve, pie diagram.
Ogives (cumulative frequency graphs).
Applications of ogives in determination of median.
Relation between measures of central tendency.
Introduction to normal distribution.
Properties of normal distribution.
Linear Equation in Two Variable System of linear equations in two variables
 Algebraic methods of solving linear equations in two variable
Graphical representation of different possibilities of solutions/Inconsistency
Graphical method of solving a system of linear equations
 Determinant of order two
Cramer’s rule
Consistency of pair of linear equations
Geometry Similarity Properties of ratios of areas of two triangles.
Basic proportionality theorem.
Introduction to similarity.
Similar triangles.
area of 2 similar triangles.
Similarity in right-angled triangles.
Pythagoras theorem and its converse theorem (30-60-90 theorem and 45-45-90 theorem).
Application of Pythagoras theorem in acute and obtuse angle.
Apollonius theorem.
Circle Tangents and its properties.
Theorem- Tangent at any point to the circle is perpendicular to the radius and its converse.
Number of tangents to a point to a circle.
Theorem- The length of two Tangent segments drawn from a point outside the circle are equal.
Touching Circles.
Introduction to an arc.
Angle Subtended by the arc to the center and to the point on the circle.
Cyclic quadrilateral.
Tangent-Secant theorem.
Co-ordinate Geometry Slope of a line.
Intercepts made by a line.
Standard forms of equation of a line.
General equation of a line.
Geometric Constructions Division of the line segment in a given ratio.
Basic geometric constructions.
Construction of tangent to the circle from the point on the circle and outside the circle.
Construction of a tangent without using the center.
Construction of a triangle similar to a given triangle.
Construction of triangle If the base, angle apposite to it and either median altitude is given
Trigonometry Angles in standard position.
Trigonometric ratios regarding coordinates of point.
Trigonometric Identities (With Proof).
Use of basic identities and their applications.
Problems on height and distance.
Menstruation Length of an arc.
Area of the sector.
Euler’s Formula.
Surface area and volume of cuboids Spheres, hemispheres, right circular cylinders cones, frustum of a cone.
Area of a Circular Segment
Problems Based on areas and perimeter/ circumference of circle, Sector, and segment of a circle.
Problems in finding surface area and volumes of combinations of any two of the following: Cuboids, spheres, hemisphere, and right circular cylinders and cones. `
Problems involving the conversion of one type of metallic solid into another.

General Mathematics Syllabus

Just like the mathematics, the syllabus of the General Mathematics has been released by the board and the students may find all that they need to know about the General Mathematics Class 10th Syllabus. The students are also advised to make sure that they do all the preparations as per the syllabus that is released by the board.


Unit Name Chapter Name Topics
Arithmetic Variation Introduction
Types of variation
Time, Work And Speed
Sequences Introduction
Patterns of numbers
Arithmetic Progressions
Commercial Mathematics Modern marketing technique Discount
Taxes and Investments Introduction
Sales Tax
Income Tax
Bank investments
Post investments
Life Insurance
Shares And Mutual Funds
Algebra Linear equation in two variables Introduction
Solution of equation in two variables
Methods of solving linear equation in two variables
Quadratic equations Introductions
Solution of quadratic equations
Methods of Solving.
Part -2
Geomatery Similarity Introduction
Test of similarity
Properties of similar triangles
Basic Proportionality Theorem
Similarity in right-angled triangles
Pythagoras theorem statement
Pythagorean Triplets
Application of Pythagoras theorem
Apollonius Theorem
Circle Introduction
Terms related to circle
Properties of a chord
Properties of tangents
Arc of circle
Trigonometry Basic concepts in trigonometry
Problems related to hight and distance
Constructions Geometric Constructions Constructions of the incircle of a triangle
Tangents to the circle
Construction of circumcircle o triangle
Tangents to the circle
Construction related to design
Mensuration Surface Area and Volume Parallelopiped
Rectangular Parallelepiped
Sphere and Hemisphere
Statistics Statistics Representation of data
Frequency polygon
Pie Diagram
Measures of central tendency for grouped data

Maharashtra SSC Mathematics SyllabusPDF: Maths || General Maths

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