OCSC and PDC 2021 : Know about International Science Olympiad Stage 3/ 4 Here

OCSC and PDC 2021: The approximately top 35 students in each subject from the INOs will be invited for the third stage, Which is the Orientation-cum-Selection Camps (OCSCs). it will be held at HBCSE during April to June months, where orientation is provided to students for Olympiad level of theoretical, experimental and observational (for astronomy) tasks.

OCSC and PDC 2021

It is organized to developing conceptual foundations and problem-solving skills. Students are exposed to innovative experiments with a focus on conceptual and procedural understanding in experimental science. You will get complete detail about OCSC and PDC from below.

Stage 3 : Orientation-cum-Selection Camp (OCSC 2021)

The Stage-3 of Homi Bhabha Center For Science Education (HBCSE) is “Orientation-cum-Selection Camp”. In this those students are included who tops in the INOs or they secure approximately 35 in each subject. This orientation will be held at HBCSE from April to June. The OCSC OCSC is Given Below.

Examination Schedule for OCSC

Second stage ExaminationDate of Examination(expected)
MathematicsThe second week of Apr/May 2021
Astronomy Sr.22 Apr 2020 – 09 May 2021
Junior Science02 May 2020  – 17 May 2021
Physics29 May 2020 – 08 Jun 2021
Chemistry29 May 2020– 08 Jun 2021
Biology29 May 2020 – 07 Jun 2021

Under this students are exposed to innovative experiments with a focus on conceptual and procedural understanding in experimental science. Several experimental/ observational and theoretical tests are conducted during the camp. Out of total student, 35 students are selected on the basis of performance to represent India at the International Olympiads.

Those students who are selected also receives merit award in the form of books and cash. Also, there is a special prize in each subject to determine the meritorious performance in theory and experiments.

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IOs Stage 4 : Pre-Departure Camp

The Stage 4 Science Olympiad is “Training of Indian Teams For International Olympiads At HBCSE”.

Under this those Indian teams who selected for this stage will undergo a rigorous training programme at HBCSE for theory and experimental while for those who belong to astronomy, observational astronomy prior to departure for the international Olympiads.

For the above experimental program, a special laboratory has been developed in HBCSE. Persons from different institute across the country are invited to the training camps. The maximum period of training can be limited in some subjects as per the statutes of the respective international Olympiads.

The stage 4 of science Olympiad is also known “Pre-Departure Camp” which will commence on July/ November 2019 at HBCSE. Under this 4-6 students are selected for the theoretical & experimental sessions.

After clearing this stage 4 candidate goes to the next stage i.e. stage-5 name as International Olympiad which is scheduled at July/ December 2021. Stage 5 is a theoretical and experimental competition.

What After OCSC and PDC?

The Olympiad programme will end up with the selection of the 4-6 Indian students in each subject in the International Olympiads other will be eliminated. The final group will be combined with 2-4 teachers or mentors. Now after all ( from NSE to PDC) Candidates have to appear one final time in the International Science Olympiad (IOs).

International OlympiadNo. Of Selected Students
International Biology Olympiad (IBO)4
International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)5
International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA)5
International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO)6
International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)4

National Standard Examination 2019 (NSE 2019)

The IOs will be organized in the July/ December month at the international venue. This will be a Theory and Practical competition.

National Standard Examination 2019 (NSE 2019)

For Even More Details About the Specific Stages, You Can Follow the Link Given Below.

Stage Stage Examination
Stage 1National Standard Examination (NSE)
Stage 2Indian National Olympiad (INO)
Stage 3Orientation-cum Selection Camp  (OCSC)
Stage 4Pre-Departure Camp (PDC)
Stage 5International Science Olympiad (IO)

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