NSEP Syllabus 2021 – IAPT NSEP Question Papers, Model Papers Pdf

NSEP Syllabus 2021: The NSEP or the National Standard Examination in Physics is a Scholarship examination that is conducted by the IAPT. The Indian Association Of Physics Teachers has been conducted since the year 1987.

Latest Update: The date for examination for senior science will be updated here. Keep visiting for more updates.

This is a voluntary examination in order to promote the students to take physics as their future career. The forms and the exam dates are already released for the NSEP 2021.

Those who seek admission in B.Sc. (with physics) after NSEP are eligible for these scholarships. The board has also announced fees of Rs- 140/- for the students. The last date for registration is updated soon. Make sure to read ahead as here is all that you need to know about the IAPT NSEP 2021 Syllabus.

IAPT NSEP Syllabus 2021

NSEP Physics Olympiad Syllabus 2021 

The unique syllabus that is designed by the IAPT NSEP Syllabus 2021. It is Specially designed for eh students as this is covering the student’s wholesome development of the student in the field of Physics.

TopicsSub- Topics
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Alternating current

Power consumed in an AC circuit
CapacitorCapacitor with dielectric
Combination of Capacitors
Centre of mass, momentum & collisionHead on collision
Circular MotionMotion of com
Circular motion in vertical plane
Kinematics of circular motion
Current ElectricityInstruments
Power, energy, battery, EMF,terminal voltage & Kirchhoff’s law
Electro Magnetic Fieldmagnetic field due to a magnet and earth
magnetic field due to a straight wire
Magnetic field due to ring
Magnetic Force and torque on a current carrying loop,
dipole moment
Magnetic force on a charge
Electro Magnetic InductionSelf-inductance EMF & magnetic energy density
ElectrostaticsCoulomb’s law
Electric potential and potential difference
Flux calculation and gauss’s law
ElectrostaticsConductor and it’s properties, Electric pressure
FluidArchimedes principle and force of buoyancy
Geometrical OpticsLens
Types of Lenses
Refraction by Prism
Refraction by spherical surface
Refraction in general, Refraction at plane surface and TIR
Spherical mirror
GravitationUniversal law of gravitation
Heat TransferThermal conduction in linear conductors at steady state
KTG & 1st law of thermodynamicsFirst law of thermodynamics
Root mean square velocity, kinetic energy and equation of state
Miscellaneous TopicsMiscellaneous Sub-Topics
Modern physics-1Electronic transition in the h/h-like atom/species & effect
motion of nucleus
Photoelectric effect
Newton’s law of MotionCalculation of force and acceleration
Rectilinear MotionEquation of motion and motion under gravity
Rotation (Rigid Body Dynamics)Moment of inertia
Simple harmonic MotionLogic Gates
Equation of SHM
Sound WaveSpring mass system
Doppler effect
Surface TensionOrgan pipes and resonance
Excess pressure in drops and bubble
Wave optics (Light wave- Young’s experiment)YDSE with monochromatic light
Work, power, EnergyWork done by a variable force
Work done by variable Forces
work energy theorem

NSEP Exam Pattern 2021

NSEP Pattern is also a special one as the students must strictly prepare according to in. As this will make the preparations a bit more strategic.

Class Class 11thClass 12thTotal
Details No of QuestionsTotal MarksNo of QuestionsTotal MarksNo of QuestionsTotal Marks

NSEP Paper Pattern (Last Year)

Candidates who are going to appear for 2021 session exam, in order to perform at your best, kindly have a look at the below-provided table, this table will help you to access the difficulty level of examination quite closely.

Difficulty 135Level Number of QuestionTotal Marks
Grand Total70240
Aggregate Difficulty



NSEP Sample Question Papers 2021 

The NSEP Sample Papers have been released by the board already and the authorities have provided it on the official site. The students must keep reading ahead as here will be a link given to download the Official Sample Papers NSEP.

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Benefits of preparing through NSEP Sample Papers

  • Helps in Strategic preparation for the examination.
  • Saves the time of the students.
  • Gives an overview of the syllabus.
  • It makes the student comfortable with the paper pattern.
  • Helps the student to discover his/ her Strong and weak points.

NCERT Complete Details || NCERT Scholarship Exams || NCERT Solutions

Make sure to prepare strictly according to the sample papers provided here.

IAPT NSEP Question Papers 2021

The IAPT has also provided the previous year IAPT NSEP Question Papers. They too are available on the official site of the IAPT. The students must align the preparations to the NSEP Question Papers  2021 as they.

  • Have the currently used marking pattern.
  • It makes the students prepare according to the trend of the questions.
  • Help the student to prepare the time management strategy.
  • It has the essence and clue of the questions that may come in the next year.
  • It makes the students aware of the difficulty level of the examination.

NCERT Textbooks

Remark: There is still some crucial information that the students must know as this may help you in the near future.

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