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International Science Olympiads (ISO): International Science Olympiads are a group of annual competitions in various field of science. The Olympiads are separate from each other and also having their own organizing body but somehow they are grouped together as International Science Olympiads (ISOs).

Latest Update: Date and Venue Detals for all the Olympiads under International Science Olympiads has been Released!! Check in the Table Below.

International Science Olympiads are aimed for Secondary School Students but still the exams are of extremely high level. Each country has their own procedure and follow-up exams to choose final teams for these Olympiads.  You can understand its level by knowing that in several countries, achieving a high ranking in any ISO guarantees access to a university of their own choice and a fellowship.

International Science Olympiads

Each ISOs have 3 common aims

ISOs are organized

  • ISOs are organized to promote a career in science.
  • ISOs are organized to challenge the brightest students from around the world, and
  • ISOs are organized to compare the teaching systems of each country.

International Science Olympiads (ISOs)

With the common aims there are 13 commonly recognized International Science Olympiads, All of them listed below. These are organized annually at various international hosts.

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NumberInternational Science Olympiads (ISOs)Acronym
1International Mathematical OlympiadIMO
2International Physics OlympiadIPhO
3International Chemistry OlympiadIChO
4International Olympiad on Astronomy and AstrophysicsIOAA
5International Biology OlympiadIBO
6International Junior Science OlympiadIJSO
7International Astronomy OlympiadIAO
8International Geography OlympiadiGeo
9International Linguistics OlympiadIOL
10International Earth Science OlympiadIESO
11International Philosophy OlympiadIPO
12International Economics OlympiadIEO
13International Olympiad in InformaticsIOI

 How to Participate in International Science Olympiads (ISOs).

International Science Olympiads are being organized in either in July month or in December Month. Only 4-6 best high school students reach there from each participating country. These students are selected through internal National Science Olympiads.

There are also some exceptional cases like

  • International Linguistics Olympiad allows two teams per country.
  • International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) allows two teams from the hosting country.
  • IJSO, which is designed for junior secondary students.

Now Before moving to the Procedure let me tell you that all the procedure is for Indian aspirants but the basic procedure can be same in your own country also. So read it carefully and do a good research if you are not from India. And if you are from India there are nothing to worry because we already did a complete research.

IO 2019 Date and Palace

International Science Olympiads (ISOs)DateHost City, Country
International Mathematical OlympiadJuly 11 – July 22Bath, UK
International Physics OlympiadJuly 7 – July 15Tel Aviv, Israil
International Chemistry OlympiadJuly 21 – July 30Paris, France
International Olympiad in InformaticsAugust 4 – August 11Baku, Azerbaijan
International Biology OlympiadJuly 14 – July 21Szeged, Hungary
International Philosophy OlympiadMay 16-May 19Rome, Italy
International Astronomy OlympiadOctober 19-October 27Piatra Neamt, Romania
International Geography OlympiadJuly 30-5 AugustHong Kong
International Linguistics OlympiadJuly 29-August 2Yongin, Korea
International Junior Science OlympiadDecember 03 to December 12Doha, Qatar
International Earth Science OlympiadAugust 26-September 3Daegu, Korea
International Olympiad on Astronomy and AstrophysicsAugust 2-August 10Keszthely, Hungary
International Economics OlympiadJuly 23-Augut 1Saint Petersburg, Russia

How to reach at International Science Olympiads (ISOs).

The Complete Procedure can be divided into 5 Stages, in which the 5th Stage is the final Stage means International Science Olympiads (ISOs). Now To Reach at the International Science Olympiads (ISOs) You need to clear the remaining 4 Stages. The Journey of a Students actually Starts from National Standard Examination. And we are also starting with the same.

StageStage Name
1National Standard Examination (NSE)
2Indian National Olympiad (INO)
3Orientation-cum Selection Camp  (OCSC)
4Pre-Departure Camp (PDC)
5International Science Olympiad

Stage 1: National Standard Examination (NSE)

National Standard Examination is a series of competitive examinations organized by IAPT which is Acronym of Indian Association of Physics Teachers. NSE acts as a gateway to India National Olympiads (INOs) and International Science Olympiads (IOs). NSE usually organize in November month every year and registration starts 2-3 month before the exam.

Candidates can choose their stream of interest only here, after it they can’t change their choice. NSEP, NSEC, NSEB, and NSEA and NSEJS are the most Popular Among them. It has been conducting different Olympiads at regional and national levels in the name of National Standard Examination (NSE 2019). You can Check complete details of NSE Here: National Standard Examination (NSE). Or You can go to streams directly via the links provided below in table.

SubjectsRespective NSEs
For AstronomyNational Standard Examination in Astronomy (NSEA)
For BiologyNational Standard Examination in Biology (NSEB)
For ChemistryNational Standard Examination in Chemistry (NSEC)
For PhysicsNational Standard Examination in Physics (NSEP)
For Junior ScienceNational Standard Examination in Junior Science (NSEJS)

 Stage 2: Indian National Olympiad (INO)

After Qualifying the NSE exam Candidate will appear into Indian National Olympiad (INO). It is the second level to participate into IOs. The Stream will be same as per the NSE but this time the Olympiads will be conducted by HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Centre For Science Education). The Syllabus will be same as NSE but the questions will be of better level.

NSE Qualified Candidates have to enroll themselves for it by going to the official website. You can get complete Details from here: Indian National Olympiad (INO). You can also check these Olympiad stream wise here.

SubjectINO Examination
AstronomyIndian National Astronomy Olympiad (INAO)
PhysicsIndian National Physics Olympiad (INPO) or INPhO
ChemistryIndian National Chemistry Olympiad (INChO) or INCO
Junior ScienceIndian National Junior Science Olympiad (INJsO)
BiologyIndian National Biology Olympiad (INBO)

 Stage 3: Orientation-cum Selection Camp  (OCSC)

After INOs, approximately 35 top Qualified students in each subject will be invited for the Orientation-cum-Selection Camps (OCSCs). it will be held at HBCSE during April to June months. Where orientation will be provided to students for Olympiad level of theoretical, experimental and observational (for astronomy) tasks to develop conceptual, foundations and problem-solving skills. Students are exposed to innovative experiments with focus on conceptual and procedural understanding in experimental science.

In astronomy, students are trained in basic notions in astrophysics, astronomical data analysis and night sky observations. Several theoretical and experimental/observational tests are held during the camp. On the basis of performance in these tests, few students will be selected to represent India at the international Olympiads.You Can Understand the Procedure to Reach International Science Olympiad (IOs) from the given flow chart.

Stage 4: Pre-Departure Camp (PDC)

Pre-Departure Camp (PDC) is the stage 4 and the last stage to participate in IOs.It will commence in July/ November at HBCSE. Under this 4-6 students will be selected for the theoretical & experimental sessions.

Selected Indian Teams will undergo a rigorous training programme at HBCSE for theory and experimental while students of astronomy will take part in observational astronomy prior to departure for the international Olympiads.

For these training and observational program a special laboratory has been developed in HBCSE. Persons and faculty from different institutes across the country will be invited to the training camps.  After clearing this stage 4 candidate goes to the next stage i.e. stage-5 name as International Olympiad which is scheduled at July/ December 2019. Stage 5 is a theoretical and experimental competition.

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